Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Just Endorsed Ted Cruz For President

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Just Endorsed Ted Cruz For President

Just a week shy of his state’s upcoming presidential primary, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorsed Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination on Tuesday morning.

Walker, who dropped out of the presidential race last September, made his announcement during a live interview with conservative radio host Charlie Sykes. Sykes raked Donald Trump over the coals in a widely praised interview yesterday by asking him tough questions about his history of mistreating women.

Walker’s endorsement of Cruz wasn’t a huge surprise, as the Wisconsin governor has been publicly singing the Texas senator’s praises for quite some time now.

Last week, Walker said in a radio interview that Cruz was the only Republican candidate left who could beat Trump. Walker also noted that Ohio Gov. John Kasich was not up to the task.

Recent polls indicate that Cruz and Trump are running neck and neck in Wisconsin, which has a “winner-take-most” primary to allocate its 42 delegates to the Republican presidential nominating convention in July. Whoever receives the most votes statewide will be awarded 18 delegates, while the remaining 24 are doled out three at a time to the winner of each of the state’s eight congressional districts.

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