Bird Sexual Assault, Campus Free Speech, And Trump’s Tactical Errors

Bird Sexual Assault, Campus Free Speech, And Trump’s Tactical Errors

Today on the Federalist Radio Hour, Ashe Schow explained the latest issues from college campus sexual assault cases and recent antics from Jackie, the reported victim in the Rolling Stone UVA story. Schow is a commentary writer at the Washington Examiner and a senior political columnist at the Observer. Later in the hour, Ben Domenech gave some advice to Donald Trump in Wisconsin and described some of the more tactical errors the Trump campaign has made in the last week.

Universities are creating policies to address cases of sexual assault that eviscerate due process for the accused. “There are groups out there advocating for due process, the problem is the other side has such a prominent voice and if you dare suggest accused students deserve due process, you’re called a rape apologist,” Schow said.

This week the American Association of University Professors argued that Title IX has created a need for clarification between speech that constitutes for sexual harassment and speech that is merely offensive or upsetting.

“These elite students are the kind of people being produced who have been taught lessons about the consequences of indignation, offense, and the idea that opinions that differ from theirs are things that should threaten them…and those are the kids that are going to be credentialed to become the next American elites,” Domenech said.

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