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The Future Of The Republican Party With Ramesh Ponnuru

National Review Senior Editor Ramesh Ponnuru explains historical precedence for a contested convention and Republican Presidential candidates.


Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor at National Review, joined The Federalist Radio Hour today to discuss the future of the Republican Party, the future of Marco Rubio’s career, and the historical precedence for presidential candidates and conventions.

Many pundits have been advocating that stopping Trump at all costs is something the party should be willing to do. “If Trump wins a majority of the delegates fair and square, he’s the nominee and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that from happening,” Ponnuru said. “But I do think it’s very important to do what can be done to prevent him from taking the nomination.”

On Marco Rubio’s failed campaign, Ponnuru said he thought Rubio ran like a George W. Bush Republican, especially on foreign policy. “He ran as the guy who hadn’t learned anything from the Bush years,” he said.

Ponnuru also discussed the weaknesses in current conservative and Republican leadership. “They went seamlessly from thinking it was too early to attack Trump, to thinking it was too late, without actually ever having gone through that intervening stage of actually trying to take him down,” he said.

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