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Bobby Jindal On What He Learned Running For President And Why He Won’t Endorse

Jindal says it’s time to let voters vote and allowing their anger at conservative leaders to be released may be a good thing.


Gov. Bobby Jindal joined the Federalist Radio Hour to share about what he learned while running for president.

The former Louisiana Governor said he is not going to endorse any candidates. “At this point I think it’s wiser to listen to the voters. I think we should let the voters vote and let the rest of the states have their say,” he said.

Many have criticized the Louisiana economy that Jindal left behind after his term. Jindal said the reality is that they cut the state budget down by nine billion dollars and that they cut the number of state employees by 30,000. “We can go on and on about the reductions we made, but that obviously doesn’t make you popular with teacher unions and others who want to see big government grow and get bigger,” Jindal said.

Later in the hour, SB Nation college basketball editor, Ricky O’Donnell, joined to make his NCAA March Madness predictions and shared some of the players to watch in this year’s tournament. “There are a lot of teams this year that could go to the Final Four or lose in the first round,” he said. “It’s definitely a wide open season.”

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