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David Azerrad Defines Labels: Socialist, Liberal, Inequality

Does it matter that a rising number of young Americans have labeled themselves as socialists?


A rising number of young Americans have labeled themselves as socialists as the term has peaked with the popularity of Bernie Sanders. David Azerrad joined the Federalist Radio Hour today to discuss the meaning and implications behind these labels and other words like “inequality,” “liberal,” and “progressive.” Azerrad is the director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, and the AWC Family Foundation fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Some have tried to compare the implementation of socialism in European countries to America’s failure to do so. Azerrad asked what the point of the endless comparisons are, because copying Denmark is neither desirable nor possible. “We are a nation that has been shaped by certain institutions, we have a certain way of mind, certain way of looking at the world, and what works for Denmark…can’t be applied to America.”

Later in the hour, Azerrad explained the issue of income inequality and how the lowering of tax rates has contributed to the rise of inequality, but how other massive global changes to the economy that have had a greater impact. “The implication that this is because of tax rates and Reagan doesn’t do justice to reality,” he said.

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