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Check Out The Shirts These Guys Wore To A Hillary Campaign Event

Attendees at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire sported ‘Settle For Hillary’ shirts and made sure the TV cameras captured their attire.


Several members of the audience at a New Hampshire campaign event for Hillary Clinton sported some creative t-shirts, and they made sure TV cameras could capture their t-shirts while Hillary spoke. At least two men wore ‘Settle For Hillary’ t-shirts that utilized the official logo and font of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Jeff Bechdel, the communications director for America Rising, a Republican PAC focused on conducting and distributing opposition research, posted a television screenshot of the t-shirts on Monday night. Bechdel screencapped ABC News footage of Hillary’s event and posted a picture on Twitter:

It wasn’t just one person wearing the provocative t-shirt, though. CNN cameras captured another man wearing the same ‘Settle For Hillary’ t-shirt elsewhere in the audience.

New Hampshire voters go to the poll’s today as part of the country’s first presidential primary election.

Hillary Clinton, who just barely eked out a delegate lead in last week’s Iowa caucus, badly trails Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in pre-election polling in New Hampshire. The most recent Real Clear Politics average of New Hampshire primary polls shows Sanders with a 13-point lead in the state.