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Reality TV Game Theory and Teen Sexting Laws with Robby Soave

Reason Staff Editor Robby Soave compares 2016 candidates to “Survivor” contestants.


Robby Soave, staff editor at Reason magazine and a columnist at the Daily Beast, joined the Federalist Radio Hour today to talk about game theory in reality TV shows, teen sexting laws, and other news stories covering threats to individual liberty.

As a loyal fan of the show “Survivor,” Soave said the show is better than ever and has evolved into an athletic and strategy competition. He compared past “Survivor” contestants to current 2016 presidential candidates.

“The easiest one would be Donald Trump is Russell Hantz, who’s this great villain of ‘Survivor’ who is actually a wealthy businessman too,” he said. “He does well when you don’t expect him to do well because he’s always finding ways to survive.”

Everyday we see stories in the local news about teen sexting scandals and minors being charged with child pornography. Soave said he doesn’t think this is surprising because in all of human history, teenagers have been interested in sex. “Now, it’s just that they have camera phones,” he said. “This is how they express that now, and the laws that we have on the books were not written at a time where we comprehend that, so they’re all getting caught up in.”

Later in the hour he discussed stories he’s covering in which individuals’ constitutional rights are being infringed upon, an update on Rolling Stone’s UVA rape story, and Sean Penn’s meeting with El Chapo.

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