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Olivier Knox on Paris, Obama’s Press Relationships and Gifts from Saudi Kings

Obama receives expensive and lavish gifts from foreign leaders that he won’t keep.


Olivier Knox, chief Washington correspondent for Yahoo News, was born to a French mother and an American father and has been a reporter in both America and France, giving him a unique perspective when it comes to reporting on the Paris attacks. He joined the Federalist Radio Hour to talk about Paris, his years covering the White House, the gifts Saudi kings have given Obama this year, and why Americans don’t trust the Elites.

Knox said he was been surprised by the unusual outpouring of public patriotism by Parisians as a response to the recent terrorist attacks. “A lot of my Parisian friends went out and got a French flag from their balcony. For a lot of them it’s the only thing they feel they can do.”

Being a reporter in the White House during both Bush and Obama administrators, Knox explained the differences between the two and their relationships with the press. “I think [the White House] thinks that they actually being lampooned. They don’t feel like they are giving as rosy as a picture as comes across with statements like, ‘ISIS is contained.’”

Later in the hour, Knox and Domenech discuss the most recent release of Hillary Clinton’s emails and the proportion of them that are solely flattery. “I was just struck by how little work was going on in this email chain,” he said. “Obviously work is going on but I mean, you look at these emails and you get this completely warped sense of what the Secretary of State does all day.”

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