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House Passes Bill To Stop Refugees From Entering United States

Despite Obama’s veto threat, the House passed a bill to ban entry from Iraqi and Syrian refugees until more thorough security measures are put in place.


The House of Representatives passed a bill to stop Iraqi and Syrian refugees from entering the United States until new, more thorough security measures are put in place.

Multiple terrorist attacks last week in Paris resulted in over 129 deaths. One of the attackers gained entry to France through its refugee resettlement program, which has caused leaders in the United States to want a stronger vetting process before refugees enter their country.

Today the House passed H.R. 4038 with a final vote of 289 to 137. It would prevent refugees from Iraq and Syria from entering the United States until new background checks are implemented. The bill passed despite President Obama’s threat that he would veto it. Of the 289 who voted in favor of the bill, 47 were Democratic representatives who defied the Obama administration, which tried to convince them to vote against it during a presentation Thursday morning. The presentation was reportedly unconvincing, according to Rep. Steve Israel (D-New York).

Since the attack, Obama has doubled down on his goal of accepting 10,000 refugees from the Syrian conflict over the next year, and has slammed Republicans for being wary of the security risks that refugees pose.