James Rosen On Cheney, Nixon And His Own Fox News Career

James Rosen On Cheney, Nixon And His Own Fox News Career

James Rosen, Chief Washington Correspondent for Fox News, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to talk about his new book, his conversations with Vice President Dick Cheney, his media career and his Beatles obsession.

In Rosen’s book, Cheney One on One, the journalist interviews Dick Cheney over the course of several days about his life and political career that spans across decades. Rosen covered the Bush-Cheney White House for Fox News and traveled the world with Dick Cheney as vice president to the Middle East and elsewhere. Rosen wrote about unique elements of Cheney’s administration that show he was not the Darth Vader so many people assume he is. One example being the arrangement between his staff and President’s staff.

“Cheney had all to often seen how vice presidential staffs were not linked up with the presidential staff, were isolated and it led to political problems and misunderstandings and tensions,” he said. “So as a deliberate measure he integrated his staff into President Bush’s staff and that doesn’t strike me as empire-building.”

Later in the hour, he discusses the season of upheaval journalism and how it’s another function of the digital revolution–that may just be in its infancy for all we can tell.

“It’s never been easier to get information, but you have more sources throwing it at you and it’s not easy to tell whom to trust, and that’s the burden of the so-called digital natives,” he said.

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