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Hillary’s Shocking Benghazi Claim: “Most Of My Work Was Not Done On E-Mails”

During testimony before a House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks, Hillary Clinton made the wild claim that she rarely used e-mail for work.


During her testimony today before a House committee investigating the government’s response to the 2012 attacks against American installations in Libya, Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a curious claim about her use of e-mail.

Rep. Susan Brooks, a former federal prosecutor, specifically asked Clinton why none of her e-mails turned over by the State Department reference the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks. Hillary’s response was somewhat shocking.

“I don’t want you to have a mistaken impression of what I did and how I did it,” Clinton said. “Most of my work was not done on emails with my closest aides, with State Department officials, with the White House.”

Wait, what? Really, Hillary? Really??

Look, I don’t want to insinuate that a Clinton might not be telling the truth, but this statement is particularly difficult to swallow, even by low Clintonian standards. At an event in Silicon Valley last March, Clinton specifically bragged about how addicted she is to mobile e-mail gadgets. Here’s how she responded when attendee asked if she had an iPhone or an Android phone:

“iPhone. OK, in full disclosure, and a BlackBerry,” Clinton said, adding: “I’m like two steps short of a hoarder. So I have an iPad, a mini iPad, an iPhone and a BlackBerry.”

But most of her work “was not done on emails.” C’mon, Hillary. We’re not that dumb, and you’re not that good at lying. Leave that kind of heavy lifting to Bill.

You don’t have to take my word for it., though, because you can view the voluminous photographic evidence with your own eyes.