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Exploring the Science and the Cinema Behind The Martian

Ben hosts a space symposium on The Martian.


Ridley Scott’s The Martian has rocketed to the top of box offices everywhere. Today on Federalist Radio, Ben hosts a space symposium to explore the science and theatrics behind the film.

First, Sonny Bunch reviews the film artistically. The Free Beacon film critic maintains that the “almost anti-cinematic movie become fantastic” purely on the strength of Matt Damon’s “compelling performance.”

Then, Mike Grusak of the USDA Nutrition Research Center asks whether Matt Damon could actually survive on Mars by potatoes alone.

Finally the Science Editor of Smithsonian Magazine, Victoria Jaggard, explains how Andy Weir’s blog posts became The Martian blockbuster. And Federalist Senior Editor, Mollie Hemingway, says it’s time to get comfortable with death in space.

Click here to listen or use the embedded link below to listen.