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Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: Make Exploding Noises For 15 Minutes


Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist joined CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday to discusses 2016 and the threat Donald Trump poses to the Republican Party.


Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, joined CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday to discusses 2016 and the threat Donald Trump poses to the Republican Party.

Before getting into Trump’s candidacy, Domenech recaps Hillary Clinton’s campaign troubles.

Whether or not Trump wins the nomination, his candidacy could have a lasting impact on how the party functions and what it prioritizes, Domenech said.

Domenech explains that Republican’s condescending attitudes toward Trump serves to his benefit.

He said:

Condescension from political elites, even within the Republican Party, is actually now something that entirely accrues to Trump’s benefit, because people who support him interpret it as condescension directed towards them. And their general attitude, I think is… not so much a sophisticated knowledge of the various names of people operating within a foreign policy or national security, but just: ‘will this person do the right thing, when the moment calls for it?’ And I think that’s something that Trump actually stands up and delivers.

Domenech also detailed a foreign policy plan Trump’s supporters would appreciate:

He could actually stand on national television in front of a map of Iran and just make exploding noises for 15 minutes, and it would amount to a more incredible, and I think sophisticated, view of foreign policy and national security than Republicans have heard from many of their leaders for years.