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NSFW: 4 Shocking Moments From the Latest Planned Parenthood Video

The latest video on Planned Parenthood’s organ-trafficking scheme shows technicians picking through baby bodies to find the most profitable organs to sell.


Another undercover video revealing Planned Parenthood’s organ trafficking scheme was released Tuesday. This is the third and by far the most shocking video in a series by the Center for Medical Progress.  Here are the four most shocking moments from the 11-minute video:

1. Aborted Baby Bodies Get Ripped Apart in Petri Dishes

The end of the video actually shows technicians picking through aborted fetuses in order to find organs to use. Tiny body parts, like arms and spinal tissue, are seen dismembered in petri dishes while Planned Parenthood doctors ask about how much money they could get from harvesting each part.

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2. Former Stem Express Employee Describes First Gruesome Day On The Job

The bulk of the video focuses on an interview with Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician for StemExpress, an organ harvesting warehouse that offered discounts for ordering body parts in bulk.

O’Donnell describes her first day on the job:

I see someone come in with a bottle of something, and there’s blood in it… Then they went over to the sink, and emptied it out in a strainer, then put it on the pie dish and lit it up.


My trainer comes over and puts on gloves and grabs tweezers and she’s picking the parts away form the vaginal tissue… She has tweezers and she’s like, ‘Okay, well this is a head, this is an arm, this is a leg.’


I remember grabbing a leg, and I said, ‘This is a leg.’ And the moment I picked it up, I could feel death and pain… And I blacked out basically.


One nurse looked at me and said, ‘Oh you’re new, huh? Don’t worry, it still happens to a bunch of us… Some of us don’t ever get over it.’

3. There’s More Proof Stem Express and Planned Parenthood Profited From Baby Organs

O’Donnell describes how hard her bosses at Stem Expressed worked the technicians to make sure that they got as many organs as possible out of each body:

We were asked to procure certain tissues like brain, livers, thymus, pancreas, heart, lungs, and pretty much anything on the fetus. It’s basically a huge trafficking of fetal tissues.


StemExpress is a company that hires procurement techs to draw blood and dissect dead fetuses and sell the parts to researchers.


The main nurse was always trying to make sure that we got our specimens. She knew Planned Parenthood was getting compensated. so she wanted to make sure everything was going great for us, everything was going great for them.


The harder and more valuable the tissue, the more money you get. So if you can somehow procure a brain or a heart you’re going to get more than chorionic villi or umbilical chord…So I guess that’s an incentive to try and get more hard stuff.

4. The Other Videos Get More Context

Clips from the previous two videos were sprinkled throughout this third installment. Remember Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director for medical services, sharing how they like to do a little better than “breakeven”? Or last week’s video featuring Dr. Mary Gatter, the medical director for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, haggling over the selling price of organs, then casually mentioning she wanted a Lamborghini?

In the wake of those two videos Planned Parenthood furiously backpedaled, saying that their words were taken out of context. Small clips from those videos are shown again right after Dr. Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, is seen talking about how to get the most money from an 11-week-old baby:

“The per-item thing works a little better because you can see how much you can get out of it.”