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George Will Joins Federalist Radio

Ben speaks with the Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist, George Will, on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


On the Federalist Radio Hour, George F. Will offers his account of the state of the American nation, education, and baseball.

A Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist and accomplished author, Will looks critically at the judicial events of the past weeks. He finds optimism in the Obergefell dissent of John Roberts, noting that the Chief Justice dealt a blow to the administrative standard of chevron justice.

Will predicts that by reestablishing the Judiciary over any administrative agency, the decision will have “an enormous effect down the road, helping to further the most important of conservative objectives.”

The retired professor reserves his harshest judgment for American academia and its impulse to rewrite history. He notes that today’s colleges “infantilize students on campus” sheltering them from truth.

Toward the end of the hour, the baseball enthusiast looks at the present state of the American pastime.

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