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Colorado: Stabbing And Cutting A Baby Out Of A Mother’s Womb Isn’t Murder

Colorado won’t file murder charges against a woman who cut a baby out of its mother’s womb, killing it. You can thank the pro-choice abortion lobby.


Boulder, Colorado, is home to late-term abortion doctor Warren Hern. Boulder used to have a mayor who ran an abortion clinic and later became a senior vice president for the regional headquarters of the country’s largest abortion business.

So perhaps it’s fitting that the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office announced that the woman who stabbed a pregnant woman and took her 7-month-old baby out of the womb would face no murder charges even though the child died.

Dynel Lane was a certified nurse’s aid who attacked Michelle Wilkins when she arrived at Lane’s apartment to buy baby clothes placed for sale in a Craigslist ad. Lane’s husband arrived home to take his wife to a prenatal checkup. Lane was covered in blood, told him she’d miscarried, and told him the baby was in the bathtub upstairs. Ridley went upstairs to the baby and, according to him, saw the baby “take a gasping breath.”

Serial murderer Kermit Gosnell, also a late-term abortion doctor, was charged with murder after the government found evidence of babies he’d killed in botched abortions. They also gasped for their last breaths.

District Attorney Stan Garnett said last week, according to the Denver Post:

“It’s really important that we get it right and that we analyze both the legal aspects — which are complicated — and also the factual scenario,” Garnett said then.

“Under Colorado law, essentially, there is no way murder charges can be brought if it’s not established that the fetus lived as a child outside the body of the mother,” he said.

Everyone says the case is complicated and hinges on whether the fetus lived outside the body of the mother.

The very humanity of this child, who took her last breath outside the womb, hinges on whether a doctor will say her lungs expanded enough outside the womb.

Nevermind that a child born at the same developmental stage as Wilkins’ baby — 34 weeks — is almost certain to survive.

The pro-choice lobby, which controls most of the media, argues that the humanity of a child is dependent on the very subjective feelings of its mother. If the mother wants a child, we speak of her unborn baby. If the mother doesn’t, we use dehumanizing euphemisms to help us justify our killing of same. But a legal system usually aims for more consistency. And if you want the right to terminate a pregnancy, you have to be very careful about how much you protect the right-to-life of young humans.

Colorado has had many opportunities to pass legislation protecting children in the womb and has typically rejected them. Pro-choice activists have put tremendous resources in fighting bills against fetal homicide. They see them as an encroachment on the work of the Kermit Gosnells, Warren Herns, and Leslie Durgins they support. A little goes a long way. Give those human rights defenders an inch and who knows what happens.

The fact is that if Wilkins had walked into the Boulder clinic of Warren Hern and asked him to kill her baby at the time Lane is alleged to have killed her baby, she could have done so. The abortion lobby thinks it should be legal to kill a 34-week-old child at the mother’s discretion, so it will fight any move to press homicide charges in cases such as this. And it will fight any move to give mothers who lose children to such violence recourse.

A media that didn’t want to seem as biased on the abortion issue as they’ve been criticized for might see this a great opportunity to ask pro-choice politicians what they think about the decision not to press murder charges for the killing of this child.