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President Obama Set A Record In The 2014 Mid-Term Elections

When it comes to mid-term elections, President Obama is the most destructive to his party in recent political history. And it’s not even close.


We’re waiting to see exactly how 2015 mid-term elections turn out but we already know that President Obama’s party has faced serious losses. The Democratic Party didn’t just lose the U.S. Senate but has lost at least seven seats there.

It must be a difficult thing for President Obama to handle. Or maybe not:

OK, then. Perhaps it will take him some time to process what the results mean. The stages of grief can not exactly be rushed through.

But the Senate isn’t the whole story. Republicans also picked up as many as 18 seats in the House.

And Republicans have won or are threatening to win gubernatorial seats in Maryland, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin — losing only Pennsylvania.

I repeat, Maryland! True blue Maryland.

What we’re seeing here is that Barack Obama is as bad for Democrats as President George Bush was for Republicans in his 2006 mid-term elections, when Democrats picked up six Senate seats, 31 House seats and 6 gubernatorial seats.

In fact, President Obama is far worse for Democrats than Bush was for Republicans. That’s because both presidents had two mid-term elections. In President Bush’s first mid-term, Republicans picked up seats in the House and Senate. In President Obama’s first mid-term, the losses were so severe that they made 2014 look like a child’s party. He only lost six senate seats but a whopping 63 House races. When you combine the two mid-terms, it’s not even close who has the worst record for most damage caused to one’s own party.

In 2006, President Bush was waging increasingly unpopular wars and the Katrina hurricane.

In 2006, President Bush had a natural disaster to blame. This year, Obama is the natural disaster.

And now Obama has set a record. With the 2014 losses, President Obama is far and away the most destructive President to his own party.