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So Eric Holder Is Stepping Down, Huh?

Eric Holder is apparently stepping down as Attorney General. Here are some of the best tweets discussing his resignation.


Earlier today, news broke that Attorney General Eric Holder would be stepping down from his position. The reports of exactly when he would step down were conflicted. Some said he would leave when the president chose his replacement, while others said he would not vacate the job until the Senate confirmed his successor.

Holder’s tenure was largely uncontroversial, and he was known as an even-handed arbiter of the law who would never let politics get in the way of justice being served.

Just kidding.

Holder’s tenure was a complete train wreck: one that started with a blatant cover-up of an illegal federal gun-running operation and ended with an abject refusal to do anything whatsoever about the illegal IRS targeting scandal. But don’t worry, Holder’s political appointees at DOJ did find time to overrule career attorneys in order to drop a slam-dunk voter disenfranchisement case against the New Black Panther party. And then there was that whole “let’s just go spy on some reporters” thing.

Oh, and he also spent a lot of time flying around on private jets to places like Martha’s Vineyard and Atlantic City — all on the taxpayer dime.

The question now is who will President Obama appoint to fill a vacancy conveniently created just several weeks from a big congressional election. Will he pick a skilled obstructor of justice to make sure nobody at the IRS is held accountable, or will he pick someone as a way to energize the dispirited Democratic base heading into November? So many possibilities.

Anyhow, the Twitterverse had a lot to say about Holder’s resignation announcement. Here are some of the best tweets on the topic.

And for a little something to balance out the jokes, here are two horribly depressing thoughts on Holder’s resignation: