Introducing Washington, D.C.’s Hottest New Toy: The Kronies

Introducing Washington, D.C.’s Hottest New Toy: The Kronies

Forget about GI Joe, He-Man, and the Transformers. This right here is the greatest cartoon and action figure series ever created. At long last, somebody has finally cartoonized K Street cronyism.

But wait, there’s more! Each Krony character gets its own video. There’s an ethanol junky, a defense contractor, a Wall Street banker, a union goon, and a big government regulator. Each has a unique origin story and a list of special powers.

While the site and the concept surrounding it are obviously a PR exercise (and a creative one at that), it’s unclear who is behind the effort. YouTube videos about the fictional toys started popping up on various online forums yesterday afternoon. The incredibly amusing Kronies website says it is a project of Chimera Global Holdings, another parody site about a fictional company that has made billions by fleecing the American taxpayer.

The WHOIS information for both the Kronies site and the Chimera Global Holdings site has unfortunately been hidden at the request of the owners of the domain names.

Sean Davis is the co-founder of The Federalist.
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