Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland is a freelance writer and a contributor at She has also published pieces for Since her son’s cystic fibrosis diagnosis in 2009, Cleveland has followed, researched, and written about special-needs children and health care and pharmaceutical policy. Cleveland is also a CPA, lawyer, and adjunct instructor at the University of Notre Dame, and often touches on issues related to business, economics, and legal issues. As a “momllennial” (a GenXer raising a young child surrounded by millennial moms), she provides a cross-generational perspective on culture and parenting. Cleveland can be reached via email at or on Twitter at @ProfMJCleveland
Trans Activists Don’t Want Compassion. They Want Science Denial And Heresy

To many trans activists, compassion and respect requires something those bound by either scientific or Judeo-Christian beliefs cannot give.

4 Recent Entertaining Episodes Of SJWs Tying Themselves In Knots

Cultural appropriation is definitively getting out of hand, and the results are hilarious

Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Glamour’s Horrific Advice On DIY Abortions

That’s right, America: Abortion-rights advocates have gone from warning of back-alley abortions to promoting black-market ones!

7 Tips For Moving From College Into The Professional World

What new college graduates really need is practical guidance on how to transition to the professional world. So here is some.

Despite Floating Prescription Drug Price-Fixing, Feds Are Pursuing Better Ideas

A recent flurry of activity hints the Trump administration may be moving from a foolhardy populist platform to economically sound market-based reforms.

Are Abortion Reversals Science Or Scam?

Hundreds of children may owe their lives to a promising new medical protocol called abortion reversal, which may increase in demand due to the new ten-week abortion pill.

Here’s Why Christians Are Choosing To Leave The Girl Scouts

Contrary to the Left’s recycled narrative, this is not a matter of conservatives enlisting little girls in the culture war. It’s of positive fidelity to key virtues.

Why Practicing Catholics Definitely Have The Best Sex

Science finds that the basic boundaries for sex the Catholic Church teaches increase sex drive and satisfaction. It’s not that surprising a finding, either.

Negotiating Better Medicare Drug Prices Only Happens By Limiting Seniors’ Options

If the president was truly concerned with solving the program, he would ditch the talking points and instead focus on what is needed to bring costs down.

These 4 Big Smears Against FDA Pick Scott Gottlieb Are All Wrong

On Wednesday, a Senate committee will hold a hearing on President Trump’s appointment of Dr. Scott Gottlieb as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

No Doctor Should Ever Tell Parents Abortion ‘Is An Act Of Love’

We parents of disabled children know the pain. The fear. And the pull of despair. But we also know the love. True love doesn’t take the ‘out’ provided by a ‘compassionate’ doctor.

Should Parents Take Their Kids To See ‘Beauty And The Beast’?

Films shouldn’t require parents to spend more time discussing the moral implications of sub-themes than it took to watch the movie.

The Grimm Transgender Case Is What Happens When Unelected Bureaucrats Make Law

If the word ‘sex,’ as used in Title IX and its implementing regulations, is ambiguous, there is truly no limit to what an agency could redefine under the auspices of ‘expertise.’

The World Is Without Millions Of Women We Should Remember Today

Let’s remember the women the world is without today given the policies and priorities the organizers of A Day Without A Woman promotes.

4 Ways To Hit Back Against Common Environmentalist Smears

For the last 30-plus years the Left has claimed the mantle of moral superiority and portrayed conservatives as motivated by bad intentions for the environment. No more.

Tired Of Millennials’ Participation Trophy Culture? Blame Identity Politics

Instead of offering helpful guidance, a Forbes essay provides a virtual case study on the entitlement mentality of the millennial generation.

Attacking Marathon’s $89K Drug Means Sick People Will Suffer More

With a press hell-bent on inciting, Marathon was an easy target. Once the flames picked-up a head wind over the Capitol, it had little choice but to pull back and dig a fire line.

Don’t Blame GE For Pandering To Women, Blame Our PC Culture

GE’s plan to roll out gender quotas for hiring entry-level positions isn’t sexist. And it isn’t stupid. In today’s PC environment, it’s a savvy move.

Remember: Fake Hate Crimes And Media Hoaxes Have Real Victims

To stop fallacious reports from spreading, we can’t just blame the media for sharing fake stories. We need to condemn the people who start them.

4 False Memes Abortion Supporters Pushed About The March For Life

If you don’t think government is better at meeting people’s needs than families and communities, you can’t be pro-life. Or, at least, that’s what abortion proponents want you to think.