Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland is a freelance writer and a contributor at She has also published pieces for Since her son’s cystic fibrosis diagnosis in 2009, Cleveland has followed, researched, and written about special-needs children and health care and pharmaceutical policy. Cleveland is also a CPA, lawyer, and adjunct instructor at the University of Notre Dame, and often touches on issues related to business, economics, and legal issues. As a “momllennial” (a GenXer raising a young child surrounded by millennial moms), she provides a cross-generational perspective on culture and parenting. Cleveland can be reached via email at or on Twitter at @ProfMJCleveland
Tired Of Millennials’ Participation Trophy Culture? Blame Identity Politics

Instead of offering helpful guidance, a Forbes essay provides a virtual case study on the entitlement mentality of the millennial generation.

Attacking Marathon’s $89K Drug Means Sick People Will Suffer More

With a press hell-bent on inciting, Marathon was an easy target. Once the flames picked-up a head wind over the Capitol, it had little choice but to pull back and dig a fire line.

Don’t Blame GE For Pandering To Women, Blame Our PC Culture

GE’s plan to roll out gender quotas for hiring entry-level positions isn’t sexist. And it isn’t stupid. In today’s PC environment, it’s a savvy move.

Remember: Fake Hate Crimes And Media Hoaxes Have Real Victims

To stop fallacious reports from spreading, we can’t just blame the media for sharing fake stories. We need to condemn the people who start them.

4 False Memes Abortion Supporters Pushed About The March For Life

If you don’t think government is better at meeting people’s needs than families and communities, you can’t be pro-life. Or, at least, that’s what abortion proponents want you to think.

Remember Mary Tyler Moore, Don’t Grieve Her Death

With Mary Tyler Moore’s death came not grief, but a kind of bittersweet remembrance of times past. She wasn’t just an actress who played a character, she was the setting of our lives.

Companies Like L.L. Bean Need To Realize Trump Has Neutered Leftist Flash Mobs

Americans are sick of public shaming. Especially when it involves boycotting good companies like L.L. Bean. Trump is a shield for them.

10 Ways You Can Contribute To The Pro-Life Cause

There is much we can do within the confines of our own calling to support life from natural conception to natural death. Here are ten ideas that can fit a wide variety of constraints.

Why Parents Are Often The Best Health-Care Experts For Special-Needs Kids

It is nice to see for once that Washington politicians have rejected the head-patting, experts-know-best attitude. Opinion journalists should do the same.

4 Simple Steps The GOP Needs To Take To Sell An Obamacare Repeal

To succeed in their attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare—and avoid a midterm drubbing—Republicans must correct the terms of the debate, soon and without wonkiness.

3 Positive Legacies President Obama Leaves Behind

In the din of the competing narratives, conservatives may lose sight of areas in which the Obama administration deserves praise.

4 Steps Towards Ending Mealtime Squabbles With Your Kids This Year

Ellyn Satter’s approach is evidence-based, meaning scientific studies back it up, and more importantly it makes mealtimes easy and enjoyable!

15 Ways To Beat The Post-Christmas Winter Blahs

With a few simple household items, you have at your tongue-tip a never-ending response to the ‘I’m bored’ refrain. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

No, Updating Federal Drug Regulations Will Not Spawn ‘Dangerous Medicines’

The Left insists that the 21st Century Cures Act’s regulatory updates to allow high-need patients to try out new drugs will mean more death and suffering. In fact, the opposite is true.

The New Federal Mental Health Law Takes Baby Steps Towards Needed Relief

While the Cures Act promises hope to many, much of the law focuses on a framework for future efforts, as opposed to near-term solutions.

6 Classic Action Movies Men And Women Will Both Enjoy, Plus 16 More For Men

When it comes to stupid action films, check your Y-chromosome sexist stereotyping.

5 Ways To Combat Anti-Semitism By Raising Your Children Well

While the anti-Semitic movement is small, it is still worrying, especially given the rise of anti-Semitism throughout the word. Here, as in most areas of life, the best solution lies with parents.

6 Easy And Delicious Dishes To Bring To Holiday Gatherings

I have learned to take some shortcuts that save time and clean-up, but do not alter the ‘wow’ factor. Here are six of my go-to options.

20 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite People This Christmas

Whether you’re buying for a new baby, artsy cousin, college student, or your Uncle Bill, this gift guide has got you covered.

11 Classic Movies You Should Watch Over The Holidays

Before you buy those movie tickets, here’s a list of family films, war movies, thrillers, and romances perfect to watch over the Thanksgiving weekend.