Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann is managing editor of The Federalist, an education research fellow at The Heartland Institute, and author of the forthcoming "Coretastrophe: What Common Core Means for America's Future," from Encounter Books. She previously was managing editor of School Reform News and the assistant editor for American Magazine at the American Enterprise Institute. Joy is also the 2013-14 recipient of a Robert Novak journalism fellowship for in-depth reporting on Common Core national education mandates. Joy has taught high school and middle school history, literature, and debate, and has written public speaking curriculum. She is a graduate of the Hillsdale College honors and journalism programs. She and her husband live in the Midwest and have four children ages five and younger. Follow Joy on Twitter.
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Common Core’s rollout costs were projected at $17 billion. California’s actual spending suggests taxpayers will pay more than four times that.

James O’Keefe’s Common Core Videos Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, Part II

No wonder Americans are feeling ready to riot over their distrust for ‘public servants.’ These people we do not elect and cannot rid ourselves of keep knifing us in the back.