John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Davidson is a senior correspondent at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Texas Monthly, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, The LA Review of Books, n+1, and elsewhere. He lives in Austin, Texas, where he is a senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.
America’s War On The Confederacy Is Really A War On The Past

Banning displays of the Confederate flag and removing monuments of Confederate leaders amounts to a war on the past. But it won’t help us to overcome it.

Black Market Ride-Sharing Explodes In Austin After Voters Drive Out Uber And Lyft

Now that Uber and Lyft have pulled out of Austin due to onerous new city regulations, drivers and riders are turning to black market ride-sharing.

America’s Dangerous Crisis Of Confidence

Americans distrust the government, and yet they want the government to do more. This crisis of confidence could produce something worse than bad government.

GOP Leaders Surrender To Trump

Donald Trump went to Washington last week, and the GOP establishment jumped on the Trump train. They’re going to tell conservatives to do the same.

‘Uncharted’s’ Nathan Drake Is A Rare Modern Alpha Male Hero

The release of Sony’s ‘Uncharted 4’ this week is a rare cultural affirmation of the old-fashioned alpha male hero in the character of Nathan Drake.

How Austin Drove Out Uber And Lyft

The story of how Uber and Lyft were driven out of Austin is a textbook example of how government-backed cartels force out competition under the guise of creating a “level playing field” or ensuring “consumer safety.”

Why Hillary Clinton Would Be Better For Conservatives Than Trump

Conservatives should set aside their worries about the future of the GOP. Opposing Clinton would be better for conservatives than colluding with Trump.

5 Glaring Contradictions In Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

Trump’s foreign policy speech Wednesday was a meandering tirade of incoherence and contradictions. Here are the top five.

In Pennsylvania, Trump Exploits The Politics Of Decline

On Tuesday, Pennsylvanians might vote for Trump in a landslide. If they do, it will be an expression of outrage and hope and the politics of decline.

Upstate New York Was Predictable Trump Country. It’s Dying

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump won upstate New York in a landslide Tuesday. The entire region is in economic and social decline.

This Parent’s Craigslist Ad For A Women’s Studies Tutor Proves America Is Over

Everything wrong with Western civilization, in one Craigslist ad.

Remember Obamacare? Despite Hillary’s Claims, It’s Still Not Working

If Hillary Clinton wants to defend Obamacare, fine. But she should explain to voters why the health care law is not working.

How China’s Expansionist Foreign Policy Threatens The Globe

Many Americans are worried about ISIS attacks at home and overseas. But a greater threat to global stability is China’s new expansionist foreign policy.

What’s Next For Cruz After His Wisconsin Victory

Ordinary Americans will have plenty of time to see the stark differences between Cruz and Trump as their campaigns slug it out through April and May.

Battled-Hardened Wisconsin Voters May Decide The Future Of The Republican Party

Ted Cruz will come out of Wisconsin with a win that will at least energize his campaign ahead of tough primary contests later this month and at most deny Trump the ability to win enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination.

Cruz Makes His Stand In Wisconsin

Ted Cruz wasn’t supposed to be the GOP’s only hope of stopping Donald Trump, and no one thought he would make his last stand in Wisconsin. But here we are.

Donald Trump And Wisconsin Crowds Point Fingers Everywhere Else

Donald Trump tells Wisconsin voters it’s not their fault. They didn’t make a mess of America—their stupid, corrupt leaders did.

Why The Activist Left Can’t Help Its Intolerance

Defacing monuments is an age-old tactic meant to suppress speech and intimidate political enemies. The activist Left is now using it on elementary schools.

The Evolution Of Obama’s Middle East Fantasy

Six years ago, Obama had a vision of a ‘new beginning’ for Islam and the West. But he retreated when hard realities shattered his Middle East fantasy.

Europe Needs To Get Serious About Radical Islam

To stop radical Islamic terrorism, Europeans will have to confront the contradictions at the heart of the European project. They will have to decide if the EU is a state, or not.