John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Daniel Davidson
John Davidson is a senior correspondent at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Texas Monthly, First Things, the Claremont Review of Books, The LA Review of Books, n+1, and elsewhere. He lives in Austin, Texas, where he is a senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.
Hillary Clinton’s Historic Night Marred By Contradiction And Dissent

In what was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s historic night, the contradictions and tensions within the Democratic Party were undeniable and distracting.

A National Treasure Is Hiding In Plain Sight At The DNC

At a DNC marked by a lurch toward socialism, the most shocking thing in Philadelphia this week might just be a quiet exhibition of our founding documents.

The DNC Is A Chaotic Exercise In Cognitive Dissonance

Not even Bill Clinton could hide the cognitive dissonance at the DNC Tuesday night. Either America is great, or we need a revolution. Both can’t be true.

Bernie Sanders Calls On A Divided Party To Support Clinton

In an awkward night of disruptions and jeers from Bernie Sanders delegates, the DNC limped through its first night in Philadelphia.

DNC Protests Reveal Another Party In Crisis

The Democratic National Convention this week will illuminate a reality the mainstream media has been eager to downplay: the GOP isn’t the only party in crisis.

Trump’s Acceptance Speech Was A Eulogy For The GOP

Donald Trump acceptance speech was cartoonish and Nixonian, and it will likely be remembered as a kind of eulogy for the GOP.

The Morning After, Ted Cruz Isn’t Backing Down

Ted Cruz confronted a restive Texas delegation Thursday morning after his bombshell non-endorsement of Donald Trump last night.

The GOP’s Ring-Wraiths

Chris Christie’s vacuous speech on Tuesday night at the RNC proved he is in thrall to Donald Trump. He has become a Ring-wraith, a slave to one master.

Ted Cruz Knew Exactly What He Was Doing

Not only did Cruz fail to endorse Trump, in a master stroke of rhetorical understatement he also implored Republicans to “vote your conscience” in November.

Cleveland Shows Why Party Conventions Are Pointless

Utah Sen. Mike Lee fears that by silencing conservatives on the convention floor on Monday, the GOP lost a rare opportunity to unite the party. Why have conventions if votes are perfunctory?

In Cleveland, The Party Of Trump Debuts With Division

Chaos briefly reined at the Republican National Convention Monday afternoon as GOP officials muzzled conservatives on the convention floor. The GOP is now the party of Trump.

RNC Rules Fight Proves GOP Establishment Belongs To Trump

An effort by conservatives to force a roll call vote on the GOP convention rules was quashed by party leaders Monday. The party now belongs to Trump.

Cleveland Is The End Of The GOP As We Know It

The Republican leaders who show up to the convention and climb aboard the Trump train will be purged from whatever comes after the GOP.

We Can Reduce Police Violence By Asking Police To Do Less

Amid calls to reduce police violence, we need to consider whether we really want police to enforce the regulations of an overweening administrative state.

Obama, Democrats Exploit Dallas Attack To Push For More Gun Control

We won’t hear much from liberals about the motives of the Dallas gunman in the days ahead. But we will hear a lot about gun control.

Americans Don’t Trust Our Institutions Because They Fail To Prosecute Crooks Like Hillary

The FBI’s recommendation not to indict Hillary Clinton highlights institutional decay and explains Americans’ growing distrust of government.

Democrats Keep Trying To Suppress Free Speech

Under the guise of regulating campaign finance, Democrats are waging a never-ending campaign to suppress free speech.

Americans Are Losing Confidence In The Supreme Court

Americans are increasingly distrustful of their government. They’re even losing confidence in the Supreme Court. The court’s rulings this week explain why.

Brexit Reminds Us European Unity Requires Force

The idea of a united Europe isn’t new. But Brexit reminds us that uniting the continent requires eroding national sovereignty and using force.

The Cleveland Cavaliers Strike A Blow Against ‘Small Ball’

LeBron James and the Cavaliers made history Sunday night. But perhaps even more important, they cast doubt on the Warriors’ brand of ‘small ball.’