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Bre Payton
Bre Payton, Staff Writer
Bre Payton is the culture and millennial politics reporter for The Federalist. She has written on subjects ranging from Kanye West to Supreme Court rulings, to 2016 and breaking news. She has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, BBC World News, among others, and her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Daily Signal, WORLD Magazine, and The Daily Caller to name a few. A native Californian, Bre traded her west coast sunshine for an east coast newsroom. She previously worked as a reporter for and received her degree in Political Journalism from Patrick Henry College. She is based in Washington, DC and can be contacted at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at @Bre_Payton.
Here’s The Most Insane Media Reactions To The Allegations Against Sen. Al Franken

After a news anchor accused Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota) of sexually assaulting her in 2006, some of those in the press have reacted rather bizarrely. Here’s a list of the most insane responses yet.

Corruption Trial Against Sen. Bob Menendez Ends In Mistrial

After six days of jury deliberations, the felony corruption trial against Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) has ended in a mistrial. 

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman In 2006

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) says he does not remember forcibly kissing a woman and groping her breasts as she slept, but he is sorry anyway.

Biden: Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Shooter Was Wrong To Have A Gun

Joe Biden says the hero who stopped the Texas church shooter earlier this month should not have been allowed to carry an AR-15. 

These Photos Of Pregnant Bethany Hamilton Teaching Her Son To Surf Will Give You Joy

Fourteen years after losing her arm and nearly dying in a shark attack, professional surfer Bethany Hamilton is pregnant and teaching her two-year-old son how to surf.

Let’s Be Honest. Keurig Machines Deserve To Be Smashed. They Make Terrible Coffee

We need to talk about how awful Keurig machines are.

Jury In Sen. Menendez Corruption Trial Say They Are Deadlocked

Two hours into deliberation, the jury deciding Sen. Bob Menendez and his co-defendant’s fate announced they are deadlocked.

After New Allegations, Top GOP Senator Says Senate Should Expel Roy Moore If He Wins

‘If he refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him, because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.’

USA Today Thinks A ‘Chainsaw Bayonet’ Is A Popular AR-15 Accessory

USA Today got wrecked on Twitter after the publication posted an illustration of an AR-15 rifle with a “chainsaw bayonet” attached to it. 

Hero Who Stopped Texas Gunman: I Couldn’t Have Stopped Him Without My AR-15

‘If I had run out of the house with a pistol and faced a bulletproof vest and kevlar and helmets, it might have been futile.’

Even If He’s Found Guilty, Sen. Menendez May Not Go Away Anytime Soon

If Sen. Bob Menendez is found guilty for bribery and corruption, he could be spending a lot of time in jail, but he may not resign from office to preserve Democrats’ political power.

15 Of The Most Unhinged Responses To The Texas Church Massacre Yet

In the wake of the deadly mass shooting in Texas on Sunday a lot of idiots on the Internet have decided to say a lot of totally unhinged things.

Papa John’s Blames NFL Kneeling Drama For Declining Sales. He’s Not Entirely Wrong

Papa John’s has been getting wrecked over the past couple of days after its founder blamed NFL the kneeling drama for the company’s declining sales.

The CIA Finally Released The Captured Bin Laden Docs. Here’s How You Can Read Them

The CIA just released a massive trove of documents, photos, and audio files recovered from Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan where he was killed.

Poll: Nearly Half Of Millennials Prefer Socialism To Capitalism

Twenty-three percent of millennials consider Communist dictators Kim Jong Un and Joseph Stalin ‘heroes.’

Here’s Everything We Know About The NYC Attack So Far

This post will be updated as the story develops.

Kremlin-Connected ‘Troll Farm’ Organized Facebook Event To Protest Donald Trump

The ‘largest and most successful known effort’ by a Kremlin-connected troll farm was to protest the man Democrats say may have colluded with Russian officials to beat his opponent.

Democrat Ad In VA Governor Race Depicts Gillespie Supporters As Racist Murderers

A new ad depicts supporters for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie as racist murderers who hunt school children from a pickup truck.

Federal Judge Denies Request To Dismiss Case Against Sen. Bob Menendez

On Monday morning a federal judge dismissed a request to declare the corruption case against Sen. Bob Menendez and his wealthy benefactor a mistrial.

Woman With A Gun Scares Off Four Would-Be Burglars

When four men tried to break into a woman’s home in Keithville, Louisiana, last Friday, she grabbed her gun and met them at the back door.