Bre Payton
Bre Payton
Bre Payton, Staff Writer
Bre Payton is the culture and millennial politics reporter for The Federalist. She has written on subjects ranging from Kanye West to Supreme Court rulings, to 2016 and breaking news. She has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, BBC World News, among others, and her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Daily Signal, WORLD Magazine, and The Daily Caller to name a few. A native Californian, Bre traded her west coast sunshine for an east coast newsroom. She previously worked as a reporter for and received her degree in Political Journalism from Patrick Henry College. She is based in Washington, DC and can be contacted at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at @Bre_Payton.
Federal Jury Fails To Convict Paul Manafort On Majority Of Counts, Finds Him Guilty On 8 Counts Of Fraud

A  federal jury found former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort guilty this afternoon on eight of 18 counts in the first trial brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Will Jeff Flake Finish Blessing The Rains Down In Africa Soon?

Sen. Jeff Flake has been in Africa for nearly a month and he’s been telling different people different things about when exactly he’s planning to return.

Facebook Gives No Explanation For Censoring Conservative Educational Site PragerU

It appears Facebook is censoring PragerU by making sure that none of the educational site’s 3 million followers get to see their posts. 

Federal Judge Denies CNN Request To Dox Jurors In Manafort Trial

CNN, along with a conglomerate of other media outlets, filed a motion Friday morning to publicly reveal the names and home addresses of those serving on the jury in the Manafort trial.

CNN Just Sued The Government To Get The Names And Addresses Of Manafort Jurors

The anti-Trump cable network has a history of doxxing threats and harassment.

Los Angeles Times Speaks Out About 300 Anti-Trump Editorials

‘The idea of joining together to protest him seems almost to encourage that kind of conspiracy thinking by the president and his loyalists.’

Sen. Bill Nelson Admits He Has No Evidence Of 2018 Election Hacking

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson claimed the Florida voting system had been compromised by Russians, but now he’s backpedaling that claim.

This Cake Baker Won At The Supreme Court. Now The State Is Trying To Get Revenge

Colorado is trying to compel the same baker who just won a Supreme Court case into baking a second cake that violates his religious beliefs.

CNN: Trump Is Racist For Saying Omarosa Was Fired Like A ‘Dog’

Trump has called numerous people a dog or said they had been fired like a dog, including David Gregory, Steve Bannon, Erick Erickson, Rick Tyler, Glenn Beck, Chuck Todd, and Bill Maher.

Watch Chris Pratt Thank God At Teen Choice Awards: ‘I Love God, And You Should Too’

‘I want to thank God. I always do that when I’m up on a big platform in front of a bunch of young faces. I say ‘I love God.’ That’s my thing. I love Him. And you should too.’

FBI Fires Agent Who Led Investigation Into Trump, Sent Anti-Trump Texts To Paramour

Peter Strzok came under fire for sending text messages promising to ‘stop’ Donald Trump before he became president, while leading the investigation into his campaign.

The Omarosa News Cycle Is Everything That’s Wrong With Media Coverage Of Trump

The news cycle surrounding Omarosa Manigault Newman is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the news media’s coverage of the Trump administration. 

New Gallup Poll Shows Democrats Are Officially The Party Of Socialism

More Democrats have a favorable view of socialism than those who have a favorable view of capitalism, according to a Gallup poll.

Thousands Cheer As Argentina’s Senate Votes Against Legalizing Abortion

Argentina’s Senate voted against legalizing abortion on Thursday, by a 38-31 vote.

Reports: Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Personal Driver For 20 Years Was A Chinese Spy

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office was infiltrated by a Chinese spy who worked as her driver and attended official functions on her behalf for 20 years, reports Politico.

Jim Acosta Is Okay With Bullying A Woman So Long As She’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders ought to be praised for refusing to parrot the words fed to her by a condescending male reporter who would be browbeaten for it if his target were a Democrat.

Former CIA Station Chief In Moscow: ‘Brennan And Clapper Are Doing Putin’s Bidding’

A former CIA station chief is worried that Brennan and Clapper are doing Putin’s bidding when they sound off about their Russia collusion theories.

NYT Responds To Racist Writer Controversy: We Knew About Her Racism, And We Don’t Care

In a statement released Thursday, The New York Times defended its most recent hire, Sarah Jeong, saying that the newspaper of record knew about her history of racist tweets and hired her anyway.

Gun Controllers Turn To Virtual Book Burning In Anti-Gun Crusade

Gun control activists aren’t just targeting the Second Amendment anymore. They now have their sights set on the First Amendment as well.

Watch This Hero Mom Stop A Home Invader With Her Shotgun

A mother was at home taking care of her two young children when a man began to kick down her door in an attempt to break in.