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Breaking News Alert Tucker Slams Newsweek Smear As Scheme To Restart Government Surveillance

Hemingway: GOP Must Focus On Winning Elections According To New Rules Of Mass Mail Voting


“When you have a failure like Republicans had, it has a lot of fathers. You see a lot of finger-pointing, and all of it is probably valid. But I do think the one, overarching thing that Republicans need to understand is that they’re running elections on an Election Day model that no longer exists,” said Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway during an interview on Fox News.

“Democrats have worked very hard for decades to move to an ‘election season’ where they can harvest ballots every day of that election season so that by Election Day, they have already won. Whereas Republicans keep focusing on getting people excited for Election Day. That is not going to work in places where there’s massive unsupervised balloting and ballot trafficking operations, so they either need to do a much better job of fighting those things, or they need to join and actually play according to the new rules of the game.”