Vanessa Rasanen
Vanessa Rasanen
Vanessa Rasanen

Vanessa Rasanen is a wife, mother of four, part-time writer, and full-time data analyst.

How Quitting Facebook Helped Relieve My Depression And Made Me A Better Friend

At first, quitting Facebook was insanely difficult. I had been on Facebook since its inception, and developed social habits centered on the platform.

5 Simple Thanksgiving Traditions To Start With Your Family

Our best efforts to establish routine don’t always go smoothly and we may be left wondering what to do now. Here are five fresh ideas to help you create new and lasting holiday traditions.

My Experience With Postpartum Depression Will Help You Understand America’s Mental Health Crisis

While mental health care has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, it isn’t cut and dry with set timelines or a slew of established best practices.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is An Enjoyable, Positive Hero Flick Worth Your Family’s Time

From the very first scene, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ emits a strong message about vocation — that is, the roles in which one serves his or her neighbor.

I Love The Internet, But There’s Still Something About A Handwritten Letter

Handwritten words from my loved ones can hit me with the same emotion of past memories as can scents, songs, and pictures.

5 Tips For Getting Out Of A Marital Rut

Marriage is a blessed gift of companionship, love, support, and comfort. It is the base we build our families upon, and thus needs to be kept strong and healthy.

Reach Out To Women Like Me With Postpartum Depression

Many mothers struggle with postpartum depression in silence—fearful of judgment, or grappling with shame and doubt. We need to change that.

4 Tips For Planning Maternity Leave

For the most part, I appreciate the flexibility the American approach to maternity leave affords us parents. To optimize it, you need to plan.

7 Ways To Develop A Budget-Friendly Office Maternity Wardrobe

The good news is we professional moms don’t have to shuck out a large chunk of our pay just to meet dress code for 40 weeks.

10 Reasons Pregnancy Rocks

There are indeed many reasons pregnancy is a trial. Yet even amid all of these are certain benefits to this time we spend nurturing and growing our baby.

6 Tips For A Father’s Day He’ll Actually Enjoy

This holiday takes fatherhood in its entirety, as a grand, amazing vocation and reminds us it is one of honor and might, not just in how it plays in our own personal lives.

6 Tips To Prevent Mother’s Day Disappointment

Like most holidays, Mother’s Day can come loaded with high expectations for us moms. Protect yourself from the inevitable disappointment, because no day is ever perfect.

Upholding Free Speech Begins At Home

My generation supports speech policing. In a liberal household, I was taught the opposite.

10 Ways To Distract Yourself From The 2016 Election

Politics got you going bananas? Try some of these tips to avoid the election madness.

10 More Ridiculous Responses To My Latest Pregnancy

Thought you’d heard all the rude comments about pregnancy?

9 Beers To Pair With Your Child’s Memorable Moments

For the parents, obviously. And not only after a long day or during a playdate.

5 Times Taking Selfies Won’t Make You A Narcissist

Or, in defense of selfies.

Even When It’s Very Early, Miscarriage Hurts

Miscarriage is one of the things in life that show we simply aren’t meant to know, control, and understand everything that happens.

Pregnant Women Should Treat Craft Beer Like Wine

Some doctors and midwives still recommend wine for pregnant women, while giving craft beer the cold shoulder.

5 Uses For Junk Beer

If you have beer sitting in the back of the fridge you can’t bring yourself to drink or dump, have I got some ideas for you.