Prajwal Kulkarni
Prajwal Kulkarni
Prajwal Kulkarni

Prajwal Kulkarni works at a software company and lives in Denver, Colorado. He writes on his personal website and can be followed on Twitter @PrajCK.

Why Reform Conservatives Should Embrace Capitalism, Not Shun It

Both sides in the debate assume free-market capitalism can be reduced to tax cuts, deregulation, and free trade. That assumption is false.

Without Fewer Barriers To Work, Less Low-Wage Immigration Won’t Help The Working Class

The working class needs more than just fewer low-wage immigrants to compete against. They often face regulatory, legal, and skill barriers that prevent them from entering jobs.

Why The Right Should Make Immigration A Race Issue—And How

If housing policy and health care can be viewed as reparations, then so can e-Verify. The RAISE Act is a much better reparations bill than anything Democrats have offered.

If We’re Going To Have A Racial Double Standard, It Should Be About Black Americans Only

No other group—not Hispanics, Muslims, or anyone else—have faced what black Americans have. Race in America is not about people of color. It’s about black people.

The Right Needs To Stop Ignoring Race When Talking To Voters

Conservatives have become bystanders in racial discourse because we have consciously chosen that path. We don’t have to make the same mistake going forward.

How And Why Republicans Should Target Black Voters, Not Latinos

As flawed as the elites’ prescription is, they have two things right. Republicans can’t avoid race, and it makes sense to go after a single racial group. They were just wrong about which race.

Republicans Need To Treat Race Like Faith

It’s time for Republicans to stop telling people to ignore their racial identities.

Science Says Creationists Aren’t Idiots

Research shows creationists are as capable of scientific thinking as anyone else.