Peter Pischke
Peter Pischke

Peter Pischke is a journalist and health and disability reporter. He can usually be found manning the Happy Warrior Substack and Podcast, providing commentary on news and nerdery of the day. You can find him on Twitter: @happywarriorp.

Massive Online Gaming Platform Roblox Is Rife With Scams And Abuse

The Roblox platform uses children as free labor to develop its content and makes minimal effort to moderate online scammers and predators.

Making Batman’s Robin Bisexual Is A Weak Attempt At Relevance As U.S. Comics Fade

Western comics are a dying industry with one single trick left in its bag – to turn an established popular character into a shallow and more diverse, woke version of itself.

What U.S. Nerd Entertainment Must Learn From Japanese Comics And ‘The Mandalorian’

2020 was a horrible year, but it did one useful thing. It showed us ‘Get woke, Go Broke’ isn’t just a meme, it’s almost a law of nature.

Blaming Prescription Pain Pills For The Opioid Epidemic Is Fake News

How negligent media have helped inflate a deadly moral panic over prescription opioids and ignored the real sources of addiction, while hurting people who live with devastating chronic pain.