Matthew Garnett
Matthew Garnett

Matthew Garnett is the husband of Jennifer, the father of two children, a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, truck driver, and host of the “In Layman’s Terms” broadcast.

If Truckers Like Me Won’t Comply, Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Could Tank The Economy

Forcing all truck drivers to take injections against COVID-19 poses significant challenges to an already struggling U.S. transportation industry, on which the nation’s commerce depends.

Narrow Southern Baptist Election Showcases Divide In Nation’s Largest Protestant Body

A pastor who endorses claims of racial ‘systemic injustice,’ Ed Litton, has been elected president of the largest U.S. Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention.

Netflix’s Will Smith-Helmed ‘Amend’ Wants To Up-End The Constitution, Not Improve It

At its heart, ‘Amend’ amounts to a well-produced, well-acted, and well-expounded helping of propaganda for the ongoing war on language and history.

Documentary Claims Trayvon Martin Prosecution Hoaxed America

Joel Gilbert believes America’s biggest race problem is that those seeking political and financial gain are concocting a narrative that pits one skin color against another.

Documentary Unpacks How Identity Politics Is Affecting Southern Baptist Theology

This Founders Ministries documentary clarifies the terms of the critical theory debate, offering a way forward for reconciliation among those who bear the name Christian. 

Trailer For New Documentary Revives Southern Baptist Brawl Over Social Justice Theology

A Southern Baptist ministry released a trailer for a documentary questioning the theological effects of leftist political orthodoxy on race and sex. A Twitter mob took over.

In Last-Minute Move, Southern Baptist Convention Supports Anti-Christian Racial Identity Politics

The Southern Baptist Convention is being infiltrated by an ideology that is antithetical to the Christian religion, right under the noses of SBC members.

Two Major Evangelical Leaders Get Into Public Spat Over Racial Privilege Statement

With the Southern Baptist Convention also embroiled in a sex abuse scandal, it seems America’s largest Protestant denomination is facing multiple controversies.

Preachers, Activists Demanding Largest U.S. Denomination Confront ‘White Privilege’

When language such as ‘postmodern ideology,’ ‘intersectionality,’ and ‘radical feminism’ are being deployed in a very conservative wing of a denomination like the Southern Baptist Convention, well, those are fighting words.

These 4 Videos Will Introduce You To The ‘Intellectual Dark Web’

These high-profile public intellectuals have coalesced and achieved notoriety for being rejected in some form by the Left’s anti-religious fundamentalists.

Netflix’s ‘Godless’ Celebrates The Importance Of Men, God, And Guns

In the Netflix mini-series ‘Godless,’ we see what is possible if just a few strong and virtuous men step up and take responsibility amid disaster.

Denzel Washington’s Latest Presents Two Choices For Race Relations And Life: Revenge Or Reconciliation

‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’ asks: Is the answer to our racial woes an overwhelming protest of oppressed over the oppressor, or is it forgiveness and genuine reconciliation?

How The Great Detective Hercule Poirot Becomes A Christ Figure In ‘Orient Express’

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is the classic story in which audiences at last understand that the hero doesn’t merely defeat evil, but willingly sacrifices himself for the sake of others.

Truck Driver: ‘Overregulation’ Means Government Literally Deciding When I Work, Eat, And Sleep

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration not only wants to know when I’m sleeping, resting, and driving—it tells me when I can sleep, rest, and drive.

‘Detroit’ Makes Us Face The Uncomfortable Truth That Racists Come In Every Color

Are we just as racist and divided and barbaric as we were in Detroit, given recent events like Ferguson, Charlottesville, and Baltimore? Or have we made progress?

In HBO’s ‘The Defiant Ones,’ Dre And Jimmy Sell Words That Don’t Match Their Lives

What you don’t get when you’re watching a documentary film like this are two facts: You’re not a genius, and you’re not that lucky.

Why ‘Baby Driver’ May Have The Most Redemptive Antihero Ever

We all love to watch films about troubled human beings who struggle with their sin, and ultimately find redemption. Because ultimately, they offer us hope.

A Blue-Collar, Middle-Class Truck Driver’s Rant On America’s Health Care Mess

Here’s a concrete example of what ‘skyrocketing premiums,’ ‘gargantuan deductibles,’ and ‘outrageous co-pays’ look like on the ground for a blue-collar, middle-class truck driver.

The Gospel According To ‘Christian Abortionist’ Willie Parker

Abortionist Willie Parker argues that abortion is not only a moral absolute, it is an absolute that must be promulgated en masse.

‘The Shack’ Is Not Really A Story, It’s A Theological Treatise

Your guide to understanding and evaluating how William Paul Young identifies theological problems and proposes solutions, not just in ‘The Shack’ but also the rest of his work.