Josh Shepherd
Josh Shepherd
Josh Shepherd covers culture, faith, and public policy for several media outlets including The Stream. His articles have appeared in The Daily Signal, The Christian Post, Boundless, Providence Magazine, and Christian Headlines. A graduate of the University of Colorado, he previously worked on staff at The Heritage Foundation and Focus on the Family. Josh and his wife live in the Washington, D.C. area.
New Netflix Miniseries Is More Mess Than Messianic

The mysteries of ‘Messiah’ remain unsolved after completing season one, although discerning viewers will soon find this story has just about nothing to do with the Bible.

Louisiana Democrat Explains Why She’s Defending A Pro-Life Law Before The Supreme Court

In early 2020, Louisiana Democratic state Sen.-elect Katrina Jackson will be speaking out not only in the state house, but perhaps also at the U.S. Supreme Court about a state pro-life law she authored.

Comedy Writer Stages Comeback For VeggieTales’ Animated Produce

Two years before the release of ‘Toy Story,’ Phil Vischer released the first computer-animated VeggieTales film. Now he’s reviving the Bible-based children’s series for a new generation.

9 Hits And Misses During Disney Plus’s Launch Week

On the strength of Star Wars, Marvel, and nearly a century’s worth of animated nostalgia, Disney Plus pulled in 10 million subscribers on day one — despite its tech problems.

44 Classics You Won’t Find On Disney Plus (Yet)

With an eye towards great storytelling that families can enjoy together, here are 44 timeless titles currently still in the vault. Hopefully they’ll land on Disney Plus sooner rather than later.

First-Ever Biopic On Harriet Tubman Elevates Christian Faith of Freedom Fighter

Action-packed drama from director Kasi Lemmons shows how ‘She Moses’ Harriet Tubman leaned on her wits — and spirituality — to help 70 enslaved people find freedom. 

‘No Safe Spaces’ Film Featuring Dennis Prager Premieres Today As PragerU Goes to Court

On the same day a California court hears the lawsuit Prager University v. Google, a major feature film about free speech, censorship, and campus ‘safe spaces’ has its national premiere.

5 Streaming Services Trying To Unseat Netflix In High-Stakes Media Showdown

In coming months, 10-plus major rivals will seek to upend the top streaming service. Amid a sea of headlines about new shows and deals, here are five big-picture updates.

7 Ways Every Single American Can Help Create A Culture Of Life

With another Supreme Court battle looming, cultural debates over life issues aren’t going away. These seven resources help pro-life advocates know the latest and be a part of the solution. 

13 Real-Life, Character Driven Films To Check Out In Theaters This Fall

For anyone interested in Hollywood producing movies beyond big-budget franchises and sequels, here are 13 under-the-radar films to check out this fall.

A Q&A With The Husband-Wife Duo Behind New CBS Drama ‘Evil’

Can science alone explain depraved criminal actions? Producers Robert and Michelle King examine big questions in their new show ‘Evil.’

Disney Plus Is Pulling Out All The Stops To Lure People Away From Netflix

Four major streaming services will launch over the next year, including Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, and an unnamed NBC-Universal service. Disney Plus is first up in November.

As ‘Unplanned’ Releases To Homes, Here’s A Look Behind The Scenes

A biopic about former Planned Parenthood worker Abby Johnson, ‘Unplanned’ crosses doctrinal divides to convey a powerful pro-life message.

Amid A Sea Of Remakes, These 10 Disney Nostalgia Trips Are Worth The Ride

In contrast to mediocre Disney remakes, here are ten times the Magic Kingdom managed to reimagine rather than ruin their family entertainment classics.

What Are Democratic Candidates Hiding About Their Plans For The Supreme Court?

Contrasting the list of potential nominees Trump released during 2016, a new ad calls out Democratic candidates’ lack of specifics on the Supreme Court.

‘Amazing Grace’ Musical Tells A True Story Of A Slave-Trader’s Redemption

Ambitious in its production scale and subject matter, ‘Amazing Grace: The Broadway Musical’ plays this summer at an unlikely venue in the nation’s capital.

When A KKK Leader And Civil Rights Activist Get Together, This Is What Happens

In 1971, a community crisis in Durham, North Carolina forced a spirited black activist and a KKK leader together. A biopic of their story, ‘The Best of Enemies,’ illuminates a way forward today.

‘Breakthrough’ Recounts Missouri Boy’s Inexplicable Recovery From Drowning

Although doctors could not revive the teen, he regained a pulse after his mother prayed. Now a movie version of their story from producer DeVon Franklin will open in theaters this Easter.

‘Social Animals’ Shows How Instagram Is Changing Families’ Social Lives

The upcoming Netflix documentary ‘Social Animals’ spotlights positive and negative aspects of today’s fast-paced, image-driven social media environment.

From ‘Rocketman’ to ‘Tolkien,’ 12 True-Life Films To See This Year

For moviegoers looking to see something beyond superhero films and animated flicks, a variety of 2019 biopics will spotlight notable heroes and stories.