Josh Shepherd
Josh Shepherd

Josh Shepherd covers culture, faith, and public policy for several media outlets including The Stream. His articles have appeared in The Daily Signal, The Christian Post, Boundless, Providence Magazine, and Christian Headlines. A graduate of the University of Colorado, he previously worked on staff at The Heritage Foundation and Focus on the Family. Josh and his wife live in the Washington, D.C. area.

13 Real-Life, Character Driven Films To Check Out In Theaters This Fall

For anyone interested in Hollywood producing movies beyond big-budget franchises and sequels, here are 13 under-the-radar films to check out this fall.

A Q&A With The Husband-Wife Duo Behind New CBS Drama ‘Evil’

Can science alone explain depraved criminal actions? Producers Robert and Michelle King examine big questions in their new show ‘Evil.’

Disney Plus Is Pulling Out All The Stops To Lure People Away From Netflix

Four major streaming services will launch over the next year, including Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, and an unnamed NBC-Universal service. Disney Plus is first up in November.

As ‘Unplanned’ Releases To Homes, Here’s A Look Behind The Scenes

A biopic about former Planned Parenthood worker Abby Johnson, ‘Unplanned’ crosses doctrinal divides to convey a powerful pro-life message.

Amid A Sea Of Remakes, These 10 Disney Nostalgia Trips Are Worth The Ride

In contrast to mediocre Disney remakes, here are ten times the Magic Kingdom managed to reimagine rather than ruin their family entertainment classics.

What Are Democratic Candidates Hiding About Their Plans For The Supreme Court?

Contrasting the list of potential nominees Trump released during 2016, a new ad calls out Democratic candidates’ lack of specifics on the Supreme Court.

‘Amazing Grace’ Musical Tells A True Story Of A Slave-Trader’s Redemption

Ambitious in its production scale and subject matter, ‘Amazing Grace: The Broadway Musical’ plays this summer at an unlikely venue in the nation’s capital.

When A KKK Leader And Civil Rights Activist Get Together, This Is What Happens

In 1971, a community crisis in Durham, North Carolina forced a spirited black activist and a KKK leader together. A biopic of their story, ‘The Best of Enemies,’ illuminates a way forward today.

‘Breakthrough’ Recounts Missouri Boy’s Inexplicable Recovery From Drowning

Although doctors could not revive the teen, he regained a pulse after his mother prayed. Now a movie version of their story from producer DeVon Franklin will open in theaters this Easter.

‘Social Animals’ Shows How Instagram Is Changing Families’ Social Lives

The upcoming Netflix documentary ‘Social Animals’ spotlights positive and negative aspects of today’s fast-paced, image-driven social media environment.

From ‘Rocketman’ to ‘Tolkien,’ 12 True-Life Films To See This Year

For moviegoers looking to see something beyond superhero films and animated flicks, a variety of 2019 biopics will spotlight notable heroes and stories.

How ‘Mary Poppins’ Forever Changed My Family And The World

Many consider ‘Mary Poppins’ just a film from a bygone era. Yet because it made Disney World a reality, the movie changed countless lives, including mine.

Planned Parenthood Director Who Flipped Pro-Life After Seeing An Abortion Gets Her Own Film

Abby Johnson has faced fierce criticism since leaving the abortion industry. She expects more to come in 2019, as her story hits theaters.

‘Instant Family’ Shines A Spotlight On Everyday Foster Care Heroes

It’s rare that a Hollywood comedy brings on subject matter consultants to get details right— and then still manages to be funny.

‘Unbroken’ Sequel Explores How Louis Zamperini Came Back From Hell

Veteran and Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini seeks to overcome loss, guilt, and dark visions of his past in the sequel to ‘Unbroken.’

True Crime Drama ‘Gosnell’ Beats Lawfare, Coverups To Hit Theatres Backed By $2 Million In Crowdfunding

This fall, ‘Superman’ actor Dean Cain portrays the Philadelphia investigator who brought serial killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell to justice.

New Mister Rogers Documentary Is Full Of Surprises About An American Icon

Known for his conservative values, children’s TV host Fred Rogers is being wildly applauded from surprising corners thanks to a new documentary.

The Bicentennial Of His Birth Is The Perfect Time To Get Better Acquainted With American Hero Frederick Douglass

Douglass called out the horrors of slavery by affirming founding principles. Now leading voices in government and culture illuminate why his ideas matter today.

American Heroes Discuss Real-Life And Acting Roles In Clint Eastwood’s ‘The 15:17 To Paris’

In 2015, three friends on a train speeding through France saved hundreds of lives by averting a terrorist attack. Now they star in Clint Eastwood’s film of their story.

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The year’s notable variety of quality biopics is a trend few people noticed. These twelve are worth a second look.