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Jonathan S. Tobin
Jonathan S. Tobin

Jonathan S. Tobin is a senior contributor to The Federalist, editor in chief of, and a columnist for the New York Post. Follow him on Twitter at @jonathans_tobin.

Americans Say They Care About Climate Change, But Don’t You Dare Ban Air Travel

Nowhere in the list of things that voters liked that should be done to cope with the ‘national emergency’ were measures that would affect their lifestyles or choices.

Now That ‘Sesame Street’ Is On HBO, PBS Doesn’t Need Tax Dollars

However much your child may like Big Bird, in an age of overwhelming diversity in the programming available to consumers, PBS doesn’t deserve a single penny from taxpayers.

Watch For Democrats To Completely Ignore RBG’s Warning Against Court Packing

Ginsburg’s advice against such schemes was sound, but her liberal fans will stop at nothing should they get the chance to change the Supreme Court.

Greta Thunberg Has No Patience For Democracy Or Your Lifestyle

How an intolerant teenage environmental scold now sailing to America is helping transform the left while attacking democracy and the global economy.

Iran’s Attempts To Start Talks Reveal Trump’s Strategy Is Working

Tehran’s provocations feed a war scare, masking the realization that Iran has no choice but to eventually negotiate on America’s terms.

Why Is Tom Steyer Running? New Primary Rules And Democrats’ Weak Field

The same factors that have encouraged other Democrats unlikely to win have led the billionaire to run. The only difference is that he has more money.

Democrats Shift From Supporting Legal Immigration To Urging Open Defiance Of U.S. Laws

Hyperbole about routine procedures for illegal immigrants who have already received deportation orders goes beyond amnesty pleas.

Why Joe Biden’s Constant Apologies May Not Be Enough To Win

While Biden may be the choice of the same party establishment that imposed Hillary Clinton on the Democrats in 2016, the same polls reveal that the total strength of the more liberal candidates eclipses his numbers.

If ‘Lock Her Up’ Was An Outrage, So Is ‘Let’s Put Him In Prison’

Democrats’ threats to imprison Trump echo ‘lock her up chants’ at his rallies. What’s at stake isn’t just civility, but faith in the constitutional order.

Driver’s Licenses For Illegals Are A Huge Opening For New York’s GOP

By granting illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, Albany Democrats could put some life into a state party that seemed to have given up trying.

The Iran Deal Echo Chamber’s Lies Prove Trump Is Right To Renegotiate Now

As both the Europeans and Democrats seek to thwart Trump’s pressure on Tehran, Obama’s deceptions demonstrate the illegitimacy of a deal that must be scrapped.

5 Reasons The Right Shouldn’t Despair About Young Voters’ Leftism

David Brooks is the latest pundit to claim young voters will doom Trump and the GOP for the foreseeable future. History says such predictions always fail.

Biden’s Reversal On Taxpayer-Sponsored Abortions Has Both Democrats And Trump Smelling Blood

If he wants to hold onto his lead in the polls, Joe Biden’s flip-flop on abortion won’t be his last. And that’s a double-edged sword for him.

Foreign Policy Elites Want To Dump John Bolton, But Trump Shouldn’t Fall For It

Liberals are trying to goad Trump into firing his national security advisor just when his foreign policy is showing some success. He shouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

In A Divided Congress, Mitch McConnell Is The Secret To Conservatives’ Success

They may not love him, but GOP activists should be throwing roses at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell every day of the week.

Why Trump’s Middle East Initiative Is Doomed To Fail No Matter What He Does

As futile as their quest seems, Jared Kushner’s plan is also a breath of fresh air after decades of American efforts to accommodate Palestinians’ unwillingness to admit that they’ve lost their long war against Zionism.

Why Daenerys Targaryen’s Transformation Into A Totalitarian Was Perfectly Logical

The ending of the TV saga may not have pleased everyone, but its warning about messianic movements like the one Daenerys Targaryen led should be taken to heart.

Panic Over War With Iran Is An Info Operation To Preserve The Iran Deal

Obama’s media echo chamber is hyping Iran’s bluster about U.S. sanctions. But their insistence that the only options are appeasement or war offers a false choice.

Why Anita Hill’s Grudge Against Joe Biden Could Be His Achilles’ Heel

Biden carries plenty of political baggage with him after almost a half-century in Washington politics, but Anita Hill might be the biggest problem of all.

If Democrats Try To ‘Benghazi’ Trump, They’ll Only Hurt Themselves

A deluge of hearings didn’t derail Obama or Clinton. Seeking to make up for Mueller’s failure to destroy the president will hurt Democrats more than it will Trump.