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Jonathan S. Tobin
Jonathan S. Tobin

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Driver’s Licenses For Illegals Are A Huge Opening For New York’s GOP

By granting illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, Albany Democrats could put some life into a state party that seemed to have given up trying.

The Iran Deal Echo Chamber’s Lies Prove Trump Is Right To Renegotiate Now

As both the Europeans and Democrats seek to thwart Trump’s pressure on Tehran, Obama’s deceptions demonstrate the illegitimacy of a deal that must be scrapped.

5 Reasons The Right Shouldn’t Despair About Young Voters’ Leftism

David Brooks is the latest pundit to claim young voters will doom Trump and the GOP for the foreseeable future. History says such predictions always fail.

Biden’s Reversal On Taxpayer-Sponsored Abortions Has Both Democrats And Trump Smelling Blood

If he wants to hold onto his lead in the polls, Joe Biden’s flip-flop on abortion won’t be his last. And that’s a double-edged sword for him.

Foreign Policy Elites Want To Dump John Bolton, But Trump Shouldn’t Fall For It

Liberals are trying to goad Trump into firing his national security advisor just when his foreign policy is showing some success. He shouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

In A Divided Congress, Mitch McConnell Is The Secret To Conservatives’ Success

They may not love him, but GOP activists should be throwing roses at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell every day of the week.

Why Trump’s Middle East Initiative Is Doomed To Fail No Matter What He Does

As futile as their quest seems, Jared Kushner’s plan is also a breath of fresh air after decades of American efforts to accommodate Palestinians’ unwillingness to admit that they’ve lost their long war against Zionism.

Why Daenerys Targaryen’s Transformation Into A Totalitarian Was Perfectly Logical

The ending of the TV saga may not have pleased everyone, but its warning about messianic movements like the one Daenerys Targaryen led should be taken to heart.

Panic Over War With Iran Is An Info Operation To Preserve The Iran Deal

Obama’s media echo chamber is hyping Iran’s bluster about U.S. sanctions. But their insistence that the only options are appeasement or war offers a false choice.

Why Anita Hill’s Grudge Against Joe Biden Could Be His Achilles’ Heel

Biden carries plenty of political baggage with him after almost a half-century in Washington politics, but Anita Hill might be the biggest problem of all.

If Democrats Try To ‘Benghazi’ Trump, They’ll Only Hurt Themselves

A deluge of hearings didn’t derail Obama or Clinton. Seeking to make up for Mueller’s failure to destroy the president will hurt Democrats more than it will Trump.

Democrat Objections To Citizenship Question Are A Ploy To Help Illegal Aliens Vote

The administration is accused of politicizing the count, but Democrats’ goal is to blur the line between citizens and non-citizens to up their House seats.

There Are No Moderate Democratic Presidential Candidates For 2020

In a party that is tilting hard to the left, moderation in the 2020 race is now a function of personality, not policy stances, which must inevitably cater to radicals.

Democrats’ Denial Over The Lack Of Russian Collusion Could Re-Elect Trump

Doubling down on accusations and demanding the un-redacted Mueller report is no substitute for collusion myths, but Democrats’ inability to let it go helps the president.

Dropping Jussie Smollett Charges Says It’s Okay To Lie If You’re Woke

The miscarriage of justice in the hate crime hoax speaks volumes about the way identity politics has created a new form of entitlement.

What’s Behind Israel And Poland’s Current Spat Over The Holocaust

A quarrel about the Holocaust and victim status is an avoidable tragedy between two countries that should be allies.

Why Howard Schultz Is A Real Threat To Democrats’ 2020 Chances

The former Starbucks CEO’s talk of an independent centrist run for president is good news for Republicans and a warning for Democrats.

Is Elizabeth Warren The Democrats’ 2020 Version of Jeb Bush?

The would-be frontrunner was the first to announce for president but the explanations for why Elizabeth Warren can’t win are already baked into her campaign cake.

If Russian Bot Tactics Didn’t Defeat Roy Moore, They Didn’t Defeat Hillary Clinton

Alabama Democrats imitated Russia’s 2016 social media tactics, proving that both parties will cheat but not that such tactics actually work.

Hosting Ron Chernow At Their Dinner Won’t Fix What’s Wrong With The Media

Ron Chernow won’t save the White House Correspondents dinner, but the break from left-wing rants masquerading as comedy illustrates how partisanship is killing journalism.