John Ehrett
John Ehrett
John Ehrett

John Ehrett, a native of Dallas, Texas, and a graduate of Patrick Henry College, is a student at Yale Law School. His academic interests include civil liberties issues, international legal structures, and private law theory.

New Yorker To Christians: We Don’t Want Your Kind Around Here

Evidently, Dan Piepenbring can’t understand why Chick-fil-A is so popular with New York City residents, given the city’s progressive political and social leanings.

This ‘King Arthur’ Film Is So Bad, It’s Kind Of Great

Of all the directors to do a King Arthur reboot, Guy Ritchie is probably the worst. But ‘Legend of the Sword,’ for all its faults, is never dull.

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Is Marvel At Its Best

This new flick is the consummate summer blockbuster, jammed with everything that makes it fun to go to the movies.

‘The Circle’ Is Imperfectly Executed, But Still Eerily Relevant

The film doesn’t really do full justice to its source material. But it’s still highly watchable, and succeeds as a powerful conversation starter.

‘Fate Of The Furious’ Is A Good Action Flick, But Doesn’t Match Up To Its Predecessors

There’s a lot to like in this eighth ‘Fast and Furious’ installment—but sadly, it loses sight of some key elements that have made the franchise enjoyable.

‘Big Little Lies’ Hauntingly Portrays The Moral Vacuum Inside The Left’s Dream World

What happens when a community is obsessed with self-actualization at any cost? This new HBO series shows us the worst of progressive utopia.

Despite Stunning Visuals, ‘Life’ Just Isn’t Scary Enough

This is essentially a slasher movie in space. And despite its talented cast and eye-popping effects, ‘Life’ doesn’t offer much substance beneath the sizzle.

‘Skull Island’ May Be The Worst King Kong Film Yet

‘Skull Island’ has little to offer beyond cool visuals. It is a bruising, graceless movie that reflects the worst tendencies of 2017 Hollywood.

‘Logan’ Is Hands-Down The Best Superhero Movie Ever Made

The newest Wolverine movie transcends genre, delivering stellar performances and a plot full of loss, pain, hope, and redemption. This is a must-see film.

Here Are The Media Hottakes We’d See If The Chronicles Of Narnia Were Released This Year

Here’s how our politically obsessed and ideologically sequestered press would report on C.S. Lewis’s classic children’s fantasy series.

‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Fills A Gaping Hole In The Batman Canon

If you are skeptical about seeing the Dark Knight storm the screen in Lego form, never fear—this ‘Batman’ is one of the character’s best outings yet.

Is ‘The Founder’ Of McDonald’s The Man Who Sold Out The Family For Billions?

The history of the McDonald’s franchise proffers viewers a fascinating look at capitalism and community, greed and growth.

‘Moonlight’ Is A Masterful Film About Community And Alienation

This film about a young black gay man largely transcends politics, offering instead a poignant story about meaning and belonging.

‘Silence’ Is A Must-See Masterpiece About The Paradoxes Of Faith

Complex yet reverent, ‘Silence’ explores the meanings and dilemmas of the Christian faith, and decisively sets a new benchmark for religious films.

‘Assassin’s Creed’ Proves Video Games Don’t Make Good Films

What could have been a compelling story instead offers one-dimensional characters, terrible dialogue, and contradictory plot points.

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Drops The Spirituality Of Its Predecessors

The heart of ‘Star Wars’ has always been the drama of good and evil and the Force—but ‘Rogue One’ dispenses with these deeper themes.

‘Nocturnal Animals’ Ponders The Artistry That Divides Our Two Americas

At once colorful and stark, ‘Nocturnal Animals’ is an interesting experiential, artistic film—one that will inspire thought, even if it doesn’t delight.

‘Allied’ Blends Fear And Fidelity To Create A Fascinating Espionage Flick

‘Allied’ is a fascinating, intense film—but it would be even better if it the story’s central tension were allowed to fully percolate.

How Going Local Will Help Millennials Get Over The 2016 Election Results

No matter who they voted for, millennials can fight disillusionment and despair by turning homeward and fighting political battles at the grassroots level.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Resurrects The Vintage Harry Potter Magic

‘Harry Potter’ fans who were disappointed by ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ will find a welcome return of J.K. Rowling’s brilliance in this new film.