Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh is a senior contributor to The Federalist. An immigrant from China, she is the owner of Red Meadow Advisors, LLC, a Colorado Registered Investment Advisory Firm, and an immigration policy fellow at the Centennial Institute in Colorado. She is the author of several books, including "Confucius Never Said" and "The Broken Welcome Mat." Her writings have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post, and Townhall.com. Follow Helen on Twitter @HRaleighspeaks, or check out her website: helenraleighspeaks.com.
If China Can Ever Bully The United States Like It Is Canada, We’re In Serious Trouble

If the incoming Democrat leaders of the House spend all their energy on taking down Trump, they’ll be doing no one but China a favor.

Why The U.S. Shouldn’t Use Huawei’s Executive As A Trade Bargaining Chip

Cooler heads have to prevail to ensure Meng Wanzhou’s arrest doesn’t become a catalyst that worsens the trade war.

The Ceasefire In Our Trade War With China Doesn’t Solve Deeper Problems

President Trump and President Xi are working to resolve potential tariff hikes. This doesn’t change the degree to which the U.S. feels threatened by a rising China.

Hucksters Are Abusing U.S. Asylum Law, And Congress Needs To Stop Them

The ease of the screening process and the short timeframe it takes to get a green card have turned U.S. asylum into a haven for fraud. Even the liberal media agrees.

Why China Freaked Out About Dolce And Gabbana’s ‘DG Loves China’ Campaign

Dolce and Gabbana had to cancel its Shanghai fashion show after its ‘DG Loves China’ campaign drew wide condemnation from patriotic Chinese.

Theresa May’s Deal Is A Betrayal Of Brexit Voters That Could Cost Her Prime Ministership

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May was never a supporter of Brexit and has never demonstrated any strong conviction of conservative principles.

There Is No Such Thing As An Unwanted Baby

Infertility issues and infant loss plague so many couples who hope to have children. Don’t take your child for granted––choose life.

Democrats Turned Colorado Into A Solid Blue State

Colorado has long been considered a swing state, but it’s really been leaning solidly blue for some time now.

Without Early Racist Laws, There Might Be No Birthright Citizenship In The U.S.

How the story of Wong Kim Ark helped to establish birthright citizenship for Chinese immigrants and break down legal hurdles for other Chinese newcomers.

China Is Rolling Out The Most Massive Population Surveillance System In The World

‘People who travel without a ticket, or behave disorderly or smoke in public area will be punished according to regulations.’

Attempting To Appease Islamists By Enforcing Blasphemy Laws Will Only Make Europe More Dangerous

If Europe believes in enforcing blasphemy laws in order to suppress offensive speech is necessary for maintaining ‘religious peace,’ it’s dead wrong.

The Migrant Caravan May Give Republicans The Final Midterm Push They Need

The more illegal entries such as the caravan are forced upon our borders, the more Americans will demand law and order.

Liberal Asian Elites Tell Less-Advantaged Asians To Shut Up And Accept College Discrimination

When privileged Asian-Americans argue race-based discrimination is acceptable, they allow themselves to be used as a wedge group.

For Infant Loss Awareness Month, Learn How To Support Grieving Parents

If you are family or a friend of angel parents who have lost a baby, do what you can to let them know that they are not alone. Show them they are surrounded by love.

Bernie Sanders Gets The Way To Raise Amazon Workers’ Salaries Exactly Backward

Sen. Bernie Sanders declared a win last week after Amazon announced that starting November 1 it will pay all its U.S. workers a minimum of $15 an hour.

China’s Freaky Treatment Of Megastar Fan Bingbing Proves Communism Is Still Viciously Kicking

Anyone who thinks today’s China is an open and free society, unlike the Communist China under Chairman Mao, should read Fan’s letter word for word.

Here’s How To Successfully Debate A Democratic Socialist

As the democratic socialists become more prominent, both nationally and at our dinner tables, it’s very likely you will find yourself debating one, like I did recently.

The Media Only Reported Trump’s Gaffes, So Here’s What He Said At The United Nations This Week

American liberal media are so biased that they are delighted to take the foreign leaders’ laughter as vindication of their bias against Trump.

China Still Has Plenty Of Ammunition To Fight Back In Trump’s Trade War

China may be able to absorb the latest round of tariffs by turning goods destined for export around for internal consumption.

While The United States Sleeps, China Is Slowly Realizing Its Global Ambitions

Chinese leaders are patient, methodical, and relentless. They won’t stop until they accomplish their strategic goal. The world should take note.