Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh

Helen Raleigh, CFA, is an American entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. She’s a senior contributor at The Federalist. Her writings appear in other national media, including The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. Helen is the author of several books, including “Confucius Never Said” and “Backlash: How Communist China’s Aggression Has Backfired.” Follow her on Parler and Twitter: @HRaleighspeaks.

Yes, There Is A Border Crisis, And Democrats Created It

Even when he was a presidential candidate, Joe Biden promised the United States would accept all asylum seekers, although U.S. asylum has been studded with fraud and abuse for a long time.

Cancel Mob Twists Adam Smith’s Anti-Slavery Views To Dishonor His Gravesite

Adam Smith wasn’t a flawless man, but it’s intellectually dishonest to associate Smith with slavery and oppression while ignoring his actual writings.

Stopping The Next Cultural Revolution Starts With Your Home Library

In a totalitarian regime, children’s books are not meant to bring joy or inspiration. Their sole purpose is to instill the correct political ideology in the young mind.

Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Obama All Over Again: Empowering Our Enemies At Our Expense

President Biden seems determined to go down the same path as his former boss, which will no doubt strengthen America’s foes to the detriment of the country.

After Its Threats To Australia, It’s Clear We’ve Got To ‘Unfriend’ Facebook

It seems now the only way we can escape Facebook’s control and reject its power over us and our society is to expunge it from our lives.

As Americans Turn Left, We Should Remember Socialism Killed 36 Million Chinese

Chinese whistleblower Yang Jisheng’s book, ‘Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine 1958-1962,’ is a powerful reminder that collectivism is evil.

‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever’ Gives A Sweet Ending To A Successful Teen Rom-Com

The storyline and issues ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever’ touches on maintains its universal appeal for people from all cultural backgrounds.

Here’s Why This Immigrant Loves Singing The National Anthem At Games

As a Chinese immigrant watching my first pro grame, it was obvious to me that such pride and patriotism wasn’t coerced by the state, but a genuine expression by free people.

The Sole American On The WHO’s COVID-19 Investigation Team Handed Communist China A Propaganda Victory

For the future health of more than seven billion people on this planet, we need and deserve a thorough investigation of the origin of COVID-19.

Africans Plead With Joe Biden To Stop Paying Their Countries To Kill Children

In signing an executive order to fund abortions overseas, President Biden chose to disregard the wishes of the African people.

Obama’s Meddling In Myanmar Is Now Joe Biden’s Mess To Clean Up

Many signs pointed to an inevitable conclusion that Myanmar’s so-called transition to a democracy was a farce. Nevertheless, Obama embraced it wholeheartedly.

Stupid Government Fueled The GameStop Mania And Shouldn’t Make It Worse

History has shown us over and over again that government ‘fixes’ just worsen the very problems government created to begin with.

The Real Greenhouse-Gas Polluter Isn’t The United States, It’s China

The Biden administration’s China policy must not sacrifice national security nor the U.S. economy for China’s empty climate promises.

Canceling The Keystone Pipeline And Reducing U.S. Arms Are Biden’s First Two Major Gifts To Russia

From killing the Keystone XL pipeline to seeking to extend a flawed New START treaty, President Biden’s first two days in office were great for Moscow.

Why Calling China’s Genocide What It Is Really Matters

America has taken a stand and provided moral leadership on the Uighur genocide. For the sake of humanity, other nations can no longer remain silent.

China’s Manipulated Economic Growth Won’t Fix Its Long-Term Challenges

Rather than copying Beijing’s propaganda, Americans would be much better served by a fully reopened economy, less regulation, and lower tax burdens.

Meet The Black ‘Trumpsters’ Who Helped Fire Up Minority Voters In 2020

For the first time in their lives, Reggie Carr and Johnny Thomas registered as Republicans and voted for Trump in the 2020 election — and they aren’t stopping their new mission any time soon.

Cambridge University Just Delivered A Clear Victory For Free Speech

The voting result at Cambridge showed that the majority of people, regardless of their political and ideological affiliations, value free speech.

Recent Leaks Expose Communist China’s Extensive Infiltration Of The West

Citizens in Western democracies must demand their corporations and governments defend their liberties and resist the CCP’s infiltration and corruption.

Wall Street Loves When Communist China Tells Sweet Billion-Dollar Lies

No matter how much Wall Street firms kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party, they will never gain the kind of market access they desire.