Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh

Helen Raleigh, CFA, is an American entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. She’s a senior contributor at The Federalist. Her writings appear in other national media, including The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. Helen is the author of several books, including “Confucius Never Said” and “Backlash: How Communist China’s Aggression Has Backfired.” Follow her on Parler and Twitter: @HRaleighspeaks.

What Corporate Media Won’t Tell You About Trump’s Historic Middle East Peace Deal

If President Trump is reelected this November, the world may indeed witness a few more peace agreements out of the Middle East.

Why Trump’s WeChat Ban Is Much More Important Than His TikTok Ban

Considering all the data privacy, security, and geopolitical concerns, banning WeChat is the right move. Such a ban, however, doesn’t come without costs.

Meet The Patriotic Man Who Just Won’t Stop Waving The American Flag

Drive long enough on the highways of Denver, Colorado and you’ll likely see a man named Jeff. He’ll be waving his American flag — as he has for four years.

What TikTok Hides Beneath Its Addicting Little Videos Should Scare You

President Trump announced his vow to ban the popular Chinese-owned app TikTok from the United States. It’s the right policy move — and it’s long overdue.

America’s New China Policy Comes Down To Two Words: Induce Change

The United States finally has an administration willing to secure America’s freedom from the Chinese Communist Party — whatever it takes.

China Closing Its Houston Consulate Is A Sign We’re In A New Cold War

It’s always ominous when a diplomatic mission destroys documents. Whatever the reason behind China’s frantic purge at its Houston consulate, it isn’t good.

The Trump Administration Just Spent An Entire Week Getting Serious On China

Last week, the Chinese Communist Party and some of its members were bombarded by a barrage of nearly daily criticism and sanctions. It will get worse.

U.S. Response To China’s Aggression In The South China Sea Is A Dangerous Business

The United States has finally taken on a tougher and more directly confrontational approach to curbing China’s growing ambitions in the South China Sea.

‘Defund The Police’ Has Increased Gun Sales And Support For Trump

Once a fringe idea, ‘Defund the Police’ is now a ‘mainstream’ policy position many leftist politicians have endorsed since the death of George Floyd. But it’s backfiring.

If Colleges Don’t Open This Fall, They’ll Lose Their International Student Cash Cow

If colleges want to continue to attract international students to remain financially sound, there is only one thing to do — reopen this fall.

Evil Coronavirus Rules That Force Americans To Die Alone Must Never Happen Again

As Elizabeth Reiter was carried on to the ambulance, she waved to her husband and her two boys. They never imagined that it would be for the last time.

70 Years After The Korean War, Peace Is Still Unattainable In The Korean Peninsula

On the 70-year anniversary of the Korean War, neither the United States nor South Korea has identified a viable solution for the constant threat North Korea poses to the rest of the world.

‘Wuhan Diary’ Documents Anger, Despair, And Hope From A City In Lockdown

A Chinese woman’s online diary of the struggle to survive in the epicenter of a global pandemic reveals the horror and dishonesty of communist Chinese authorities.

If Washington And What He Stood For Can Be Condemned And Humiliated, None Of You Are Safe

If statues of our Founding heroes can be destroyed and what they stood for can be rejected with no resistance, no one else in this country is safe.

Until Zoom Breaks With Communist China, Don’t Use It

A number of red flags have emerged regarding Zoom’s security, but none of them are as threatening as Red China.

Australia Responds To Beijing’s Bullying: We Don’t Trade Our Values, Mate!

While it may be too costly for Beijing to attack the United States directly, Beijing is getting its message out at relatively minimal cost through attacking U.S. allies like Australia.

UCLA Students Demand Two Professors Be Fired For Doing Their Job

Woke students are using meaningless language, having a meltdown over facts, and ‘canceling’ people whose ideas they don’t like — all in the name of equality.

On The Anniversary Of Tiananmen Square, Beijing’s Bashing Of The US Is Nothing But Hypocrisy

When it comes to human rights and race relations, Beijing has no moral authority to criticize and condemn the United States.

By Forcing Control On Hong Kong, Beijing Killed The Golden Goose

Hong Kong was once considered a ‘golden goose’ to the CCP, helping propel China’s economic development and transformation. By trying to impose absolute control on Hong Kong, the CCP killed the golden goose.

SpaceX’s Historic Launch Should Inspire More Of Us To Take Risks

The SpaceX launch should inspire us to be risk-takers, trying new things and starting new ventures. We can only achieve great things if we don’t let fear dictate how we live our lives.