Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh
Helen Raleigh is a senior contributor to The Federalist. An immigrant from China, she is the owner of Red Meadow Advisors, LLC, a Colorado Registered Investment Advisory Firm, and an immigration policy fellow at the Centennial Institute in Colorado. She is the author of several books, including "Confucius Never Said" and "The Broken Welcome Mat." Her writings have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post, and Townhall.com. Follow Helen on Twitter @HRaleighspeaks, or check out her website: helenraleighspeaks.com.
Women Surpass Men To Comprise Majority Of The College-Educated Labor Force

This is the best time to be an American woman. There’s no systematic discrimination or other external dark forces preventing you from being who you are and having a fulfilling life and a rewarding career.

The Leaked No-Deal Brexit Document Is A Wake-Up Call For Transparency

Presenting a worst-case scenario resulting from a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, this document is making waves in the U.K. and will require forthright communication from Boris Johnson’s administration.

How The United States Can Support Self-Rule In Hong Kong Without Starting A War

Hong Kongers are fighting for something we Americans know very well: freedom and the right to self-determination. We can help them, and we should.

To Deliver Brexit, Boris Johnson Must Defeat The UK’s Socialists

By appointing Dominic Cummings, the ‘Batman,’ as his most senior adviser, Johnson showed he is committed to delivering Brexit. But their villain awaits.

China’s Currency Devaluation Will Hurt China More Than It Hurts The United States

What China did this week is the strongest counteraction it has taken so far in its ongoing trade war. It might have achieved the desired effect of causing market panic, but it will end up hurting China the most.

How China Tries To Take Its Totalitarian Social Control Tactics Global

What’s happening on college campuses in Australia and New Zealand is starting to pop up in the United States as well. The U.S. government needs to learn from Australia and New Zealand’s experiences.

In Week 1, Boris Johnson Turns His Pursuit Of Brexit Into ‘Game Of Thrones’

The new U.K. prime minister has his work cut out for him amid political chaos and tensions. His primary job is to deliver Brexit. Can he do it?

The Hong Kong Protest Is Beijing’s New Tiananmen Square

China’s state-run media hid the Hong Kong anti-extradition protests until things turned violent, a ploy eerily reminiscent of the infamous 1989 protests.

‘God’s Double Agent’ Talks About The Explosion Of Christianity During Increased Chinese Persecution

‘In this war, in Xinjiang, in Shanghai, in Beijing, in Chengdu, the rulers have chosen an enemy that can never be imprisoned—the soul of man.’

Adults Need To Help Students Stay Away From Colleges They Can’t Afford

Just as with every other spending decision in life, not every prospective college kid can afford his or her ‘dream school.’ Adults need to help students make prudent choices about their financial future.

Communist China Attempts To Hide Yet Another Mass Protest Against Its Authoritarian Rule

Unrelated to the Hong Kong protests, citizens in Yangluo, China, are now protesting against horrific environmental conditions and government negligence.

China Got A Better Deal From The G20 Than The United States Did

Chinese President Xi came to the summit with serious economic and political challenges domestically. President Trump was in a stronger negotiation position. So what happened?

What Happens When Courts Treat Frozen Embryos Like Property

When a couple pursues IVF treatment, creates embryos, then gets divorced, should those embryos be destroyed? Or do they have a right to life?

How Christianity Is Helping Keep Hong Kong’s Stunning Protests A Peaceful Beacon To The World

What’s more impressive than 2 million people walking through Hong Kong demanding freedom? The fact that all protests have remained peaceful, even as police attack.

You’re On The Hook For Trillions In Pension Overpromises, And Divestment Is Making It Worse

U.S. public pension liability is equivalent to $18,300 for every resident. Public pensions can’t afford not to invest in companies that generate impressive growth and profits.

Million-Person Protests Of Beijing In Hong Kong Warrant A Response From Trump

The maturity and dignity that Hong Kongers are demonstrating while protesting, and their devotion to political freedom, powerfully rebuts Beijing’s assertion that democracy is incompatible with Chinese people and culture.

Minority Kids’ Spelling Bee Dominance Proves Racism Is Far Less Important Than Work Ethic

South Asian-Americans’ spelling bee achievement exemplifies our country’s strengths. We are a meritocratic society where all people can be successful if they put their minds to it.

In Advance Of Tiananmen Anniversary, Chinese Censors Crack Down On Foreigners’ Speech

Foreign entities don’t want to lose China as a trading partner. But at some point, we must stand up for our values.

Why The Man Who Stood Before Tanks In Tiananmen Square Was A Hero

On the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, we must remember the man who stood in front of lines of tanks, attempting to stop evil in its tracks.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Reminds Us The Road To Utopia Is Paved With Blood And Ashes

Daenerys didn’t suddenly become a tyrant in season eight. She was on her way to becoming one right in front of our very own eyes for several seasons.