Greg Sorrell
Greg Sorrell

Greg Sorrell lives in Nashville with his wife and children. He is currently working on his first book about overcoming addiction and liberalism. You can find more of his work at his website. You can find more of his work at his website and follow him on Twitter @gregsorrell.

‘Resistance’ Is Just Another Word That Means Envy And Ingratitude

As a young man my entire worldview was an attempt to justify my lack of restraint and discipline. So is today’s ‘resistance.’

How We Found Awe In America’s Grandeur Not In DC But On The Way Back

We recently drove from Nashville to Washington DC because we wanted our kids to see the genesis of our country, and the American legacy they’re set to inherit.

Why Jack Kerouac Loathed The Hippy Generation He Inspired

Jack Kerouac would have hated me, because I took his work seriously rather than as cautionary tales. So did the entire Beat generation.

This Dad Lost Everything To Hurricane Harvey. His Response? ‘We Thank God’

Jeremiah’s son can look upon his father and see gratitude, humility, and strength; not the grievance and victimhood that is celebrated in our political life today.

Minneapolis’ Minimum Wage Hike Will Hurt The Workers It’s Supposed To Help

Laws can demand doubling the pay for low-skilled workers, but there’s no way to mandate how businesses will deal with unsustainable labor costs.

In Wellesley Speech, Hillary Obliviously Continues To Wallow In Self-Pity

It is far easier to talk to a room full of adoring fans about glass ceilings and in-built prejudice than to hold 40 campaign events in the month of August like Hillary Clinton’s opponent did.

The Trump Administration Is Right To Take Emotion Out Of Climate Policy

Attempting to regulate a global problem with sweeping domestic mandates only empowers the very apparatus the Left claims to oppose: global conglomerates with U.S. government contracts.

An Interview With 2016’s Sweet Meteor Of Death

Sweet Meteor of Death: ‘That’s one of the best aspects of my campaign: irrespective of how I do at the polls, the end result will be an asteroid apocalypse.’

No Matter Who Wins The Election, We All Lose

Democrat or Republican, no matter the outcome on November 8, we ought to ask ourselves if this is what our success should look like.

Hillary Clinton’s Superdelegates Are Designed To Suppress Voter Voice

The vote of a single superdelegate is the equivalent of thousands of citizen votes.

Why Moving Black Families Into White Neighborhoods Isn’t Justice

The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s decision to force people into and out of neighborhoods based on race is cruel and unfair.