Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead

Gracy Olmstead’s writings can also be found at The American Conservative, The Week, Christianity Today, Acculturated, The University Bookman, and Catholic Rural Life. You can follow her on Twitter @gracyolmstead

Trump Is Keeping The Bush-Obama Foreign Policy Americans Hated

To Americans tired of military campaigns to social engineer governments in distant lands, Donald Trump suggested he might embrace a less belligerent foreign policy. That’s not happening.

North Korea’s Olympics Participation Is A Huge Opportunity For Diplomacy

North Korea may see the games as an opportunity to spread propaganda, but the regime’s participation also presents a fantastic opportunity for the US to engage its citizens on their own terms.

Here’s How To Save Your Family From Technology Creep

The more time we spend on our various technological devices, the less time we spend together as a family. How do we fix this problem?

#MeToo Could Help Build Solidarity, But Lasting Change Can Only Happen Offline

The social media campaign should prompt little platoons to begin protecting, loving, and challenging their own, however they can.

‘This Blessed Earth’ Considers The Fraught Future Of Family Farming

A journalist chronicles the experiences of one Nebraska farmer and his daughter, as they seek to keep their six-generation family farm alive.

After Tim Murphy, The Pro-Life Movement Must Demonstrate Fidelity To Its Core Beliefs

The pro-life cause can appeal to Americans—but only if we stand up for life 100 cases out of 100, and not just when it’s personally convenient.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Estate Tax and Family Farmers

Only a tiny fraction of the nation’s family farmers are eligible for the federal estate tax—but that doesn’t mean it’s a popular or profitable tax.

Will Sending 1,000 Young Reporters To Local Newsrooms Improve Journalism?

The initiative describes itself as a public service program, one that seeks to reinvigorate a local journalism industry that’s struggling to survive.

Research: Today’s American Teens Delay Reponsibility Longer Than Ever

Whereas physical health may be on the rise among teens in the iGen generation, their mental health and wellbeing has declined.

New Initiative Aims To Cut Food Waste In Half By Simplifying Your Food Labels

Confusing ‘use by’ and ‘sell by’ labels don’t just cause expensive waste to individual families—they are creating a massive food waste problem.

Apple Is Turning Its Stores Into ‘Town Squares.’ Is This The Future Of Shopping?

Ironically, the companies that increasingly draw us to virtual realities are reinventing physical space, as well.

Selena Gomez Is Right: Instagram Can’t Foster True Friendship

Social media is a useful tool for cultivating relationships—but it shouldn’t be our means of communication or vulnerability. That can only happen offline.

In A Religiously And Politically Polarized Country, Is There Still Hope For Shared Ground?

Alexis de Tocqueville believed Christianity provided a common moral language for the American people. But what happens when faith is on the decline?

Stop Blaming Houston’s Libertarian Zoning For Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction

The media is determined to blame Houston’s urban developers for the hurricane’s devastation. That isn’t correct—in fact, it’s blatantly unfair.

5 Things You Should Drink Instead Of A Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you want a jolt of espresso, have espresso. Buy a cappuccino, or a latte. But if you want fall, don’t drink the sickly PSL. Drink cider.

Today’s Farmers Are Trying To Achieve ‘Sustainability,’ But It’s Easier Said Than Done

A new agricultural sustainability program seeks to offer a ‘cleaner’ version of current farming methods. But is that really going to be enough?

There Are Good Reasons To Consider Removing Confederate Memorials From Our Public Squares

America is supposed to be ‘one nation, indivisible.’ But this week, we’ve seen that Confederate memorials are splitting us further and further apart.

We’re Talking About Motherhood Wrong. It’s A Vocation, Not A Job

With parenting, there are no copouts, no sick days, no vacation or leave. That means describing it like a career is both reductive and misleading.

Parents Need To Get Serious About Saving The Next Generation From Internet Addiction

Forcing teens to turn off their phones isn’t about being cruel or Luddite. It’s about saving them from dangerous addiction—before it’s too late.

How To Help Your Kids Learn To Write—And Love Writing

The art of writing often stems from the joy of reading and sharing information. Growing those loves in our children is the first step.