Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin

Dan McLaughlin is a lawyer practicing in New York. He blogs on politics, baseball, war, law and pop culture at BaseballCrank.com and is a contributing editor at RedState.com. He can be found on Twitter at @baseballcrank.

Military Strategist Explains Why Donald Trump Leads—And How He Will Fail

Air Force fighter pilot John Boyd’s theory about confounding opponents with a constantly shifting battlefield applies to Donald Trump and all GOP aspirants.

This Dumb, Dishonest Attack On Justice Scalia Takes The Cake

For asking questions about empirical data, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been roundly broiled by the left-wing press and Democratic politicians as being some sort of racist.

Conservatism’s Essential Element Is Experience

Ultimately, if one is to understand conservatism, one must begin with its essential element: not the mind, the heart, nor the soul, but experience.

Yogi Berra: Born To Squat

Yogi Berra’s death severs one of the last links to the generation of baseball players that itself had the last links to some of baseball’s earliest days.

The Supreme Court Probably Isn’t Done With Obamacare Litigation

A pair of rulings this morning by the Eighth Circuit on the contraceptive mandate, ensure that the saga of litigation over Obamacare is not over.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part V

How Christians and gay people can reach out to each other without compromising their deepest beliefs.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part IV

The gay lobby’s decision to seek a decisive nationwide resolution in the courts on equality-based grounds has encouraged the most divisive possible method of implementing same-sex marriage.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part III

Here’s why gays and Christians view the same-sex marriage question as an existential struggle.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part II

Standing against same-sex marriage is not at all like supporting slavery and Jim Crow laws.

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part 1

To make Christians do as the gay lobby demands would eradicate their religion entirely.

The First Principle Of U.S. Foreign Policy

Choosing priorities on which to focus a nation’s power is essential to avoid dissipating that power across too many fronts at once.

The Ferguson Riots Are Nothing Like The Original Tea Party Protests

There are four major problems with justifying the violence in Ferguson by reference to the Boston Tea Party and the Stamp Act Riots, either in moral terms or in terms of effectiveness.

Polling Postmortem: The Best And Worst Senate Polls Of 2014

What were the best and worst individual polls of the 2014 Senate races? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Do Democrats Always Win Close Statewide Elections?

Let’s check the data on statewide elections between 1998 to 2013.

Listening To President Obama’s Ebola Advice Could Get People Killed

Contrary to President Obama’s recent claim, riding the bus in West African countries afflicted with Ebola could be lethal.

Presidential Battleground States: A History

A short history of presidential elections, from Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama.

History Is Not On The Democrats’ Side In 2016

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2016, it will be a historically unprecedented event in more ways than just her gender.

How The Obama Administration Lied About Insurance Company Bailouts

Even after the administration forced Americans to buy policies from big health insurance companies, a billion-dollar bailout of those companies is coming.

17 Ways Driverless Cars Could Change America

If driverless cars can work reliably, sell at economical prices, and are not driven from the market by lawsuits, they could dramatically change our society.

Enduring Lessons From The Diplomatic Crisis of July 1914

Europe blundered into the First World War, but it did so due to a series of clearly identifiable mistakes that should not be repeated.