Daniel J. Mitchell
Daniel J. Mitchell

Daniel J. Mitchell is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute.

7 Basic Things Everyone Needs To Understand About Why Free Trade Works

We understand it would be wrong to let politicians interfere with our freedom to trade with our local grocery store. The same argument applies when looking at international trade.

A Government-Provided “Basic Income” Would Be a Recipe for Bigger Government and More Dependency

Should we scrap our convoluted welfare system and replace it with a “basic income” payment from the government?

Cruz And Paul Rightly Seek To Limit The Fed By Floating Gold Standard

The Federal Reserve is wreaking havoc upon our economy. Republican presidential candidates are rightly concerned about that.

Debunking Fiscal Myths: There Is No Loophole for ‘Carried Interest’

Ordinary people will suffer a lot of collateral damage if this tax-the-rich scheme for carried interest is implemented.

Summarizing the New Budget Deal: Spend More Now and Promise to Spend Less in the Future

The new budget deal between congressional leaders and the Obama Administration is a repeat of the distasteful 2013 budget deal.

Recycling: The Triumph Of Feel-Goodism Over Common Sense

Rich people can feel guilty about resource consumption if they want. But they shouldn’t foist costly policies on other people to atone for their sins.

Why Are GOP Leaders Negotiating A Bad Budget Deal When There’s Already A Good Budget Deal In Place?

If Republicans don’t try (or don’t care) to make an argument for fiscal restraint, Obama will prevail.

Time For Another Government Shutdown?

Republicans are terrified again. They’re scared that if they don’t give Obama what he wants, they’ll get “blamed” for a shutdown.

Assessing Jeb Bush’s Pro-Growth Tax Plan

Jeb Bush’s proposal would be a significant boost for the American economy and American taxpayers.

Highway Funding Battle Brings Out the Worst of Washington

There are some areas where progress is possible, and people should be angry with politicians if they deliberately choose to make bad decisions.

Puerto Rico: Another Harsh Lesson About The Consequences of Violating Fiscal Policy’s Golden Rule

Are there any success stories based on tax hikes or bigger government? Ask Puerto Rico.

Rand Paul’s Very Good Tax Plan Needs One Important Tweak

Our nation very much needs fundamental tax reform, so it’s welcome news that Rand Paul is proposing to gut the internal revenue code and replace it with less-destructive policies.

OECD Scheme To Boost Taxes On Business Sector Will Hurt Economy And Enable Bigger Government

The scheme? Extract more money openly with tax policy rather than surreptitiously with bribes. The net effect? Just as bad for the global economy.

How Big Is America’s Dependency Problem?

We need solutions before too many people are riding in the wagon of government dependency. Once you reach that point, there’s probably little hope.

Fiscal Fights with Friends, Part II: Grading AEI’s Big-Picture Tax and Budget Reform

The American Enterprise Institute has published a comprehensive budgetary plan. Compared to current law, the plan is a huge improvement.

Fiscal Fights with Friends: Responding to Reihan Salam’s Argument Against The Flat Tax

A flat tax has many desirable features. It minimize penalties on productive behavior, eliminates double taxation and rewards investment. What are we waiting for?

Dependency, Work Incentives, And The Growing Welfare State

Our current welfare system is bad for both poor people and taxpayers.

Tax Policy, Double Taxation, Tax Reform, and the Proper Definition of Income

With so many Americans currently filled with anxiety about their annual tax forms, this is the time of year that many people wistfully dream about how nice it would be to have a simple and fair flat tax.

Government Coercion Isn’t A Libertarian Value

There are lots of other people in the world who think they should be able to impose their values on others.

Grading The Rubio-Lee Tax Reform Plan

In today’s Washington, the best we can hope for is incremental reform. That’s the best way of describing the Marco Rubio and Mike Lee tax plan.