Chandler Lasch
Chandler Lasch

Chandler Lasch is a graduate of Hillsdale College, where she studied history and journalism. She served as the web editor of the Hillsdale Collegian, and now resides in Southern California.

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Meet A Family That Has Tattoed Christians In Jerusalem For 700 Years

‘Coptic Christians in Egypt are usually tattooed with a small Coptic cross on the inner right wrist to distinguish Christians from non-Christians,’ says Wassim Razzouk, owner of Razzouk Ink.

Shooting Survivors’ Feelings Don’t Legitimize Their Ideas About Politics

Media tends to treat survivors like David Hogg as if they are policy experts, rather than ordinary people who have witnessed something most of us will never understand.

4 Reasons To Pick A College That Doesn’t Want To Destroy Your Principles

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‘This Is Us’ Speaks About The Unity Of Love And Family

NBC’s ‘This is Us’ was snubbed at the Golden Globes, but halfway through its first season has been renewed for two more, giving it another chance to receive the notice it deserves.