Caroline D'Agati
Caroline D'Agati
Caroline D'Agati is a writer, former park ranger, and New Jersey expatriate living in DC. She studied English at Georgetown and media studies at The New School. You can follow her on Twitter at @carodagati.
‘1917’ Reminds Us War Is An Addiction We’ll Never Shake

Sam Mendes’ magnificent epic raises a question stripped straight from today’s headlines: Is war a futile waste of life or the apex of the human experience?

I Own A Peloton Bike, And I’m Better Than You

When we’re awake at 4 a.m. on Christmas morning, our Lululemon athleisure wear hugging every crevice of our hard, angular bodies, where will you be? In bed wasting oxygen. That’s where.

No, Rick Perry Wasn’t Reinforcing A Trumpian Cult By Saying God Appoints Our Leaders

Critics say Rick Perry’s belief in President Trump’s divine election is like being in a cult. Christians should see it as a reminder of which King we really serve.

6 Lessons For Men From ‘Homicide Hunter’ Joe Kenda

Retired homicide detective and TV star Lt. Joe Kenda is a portrait of man at his best. Here are six ways men can follow his example by using their God-given strengths to serve others.

Why ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Is Social Justice Filmmaking Done Right

Director Taika Waititi lures us in with what makes us laugh, then shows us his true brilliance by making us cry.

6 Ways The Sexual Revolution Gets Its Hands On American Kids

Technology, the sexual revolution, the breakdown of the family, and human sin have created the perfect storm that is now engulfing America’s kids.

How The Berlin Airlift Beat Back Communism 70 Years Ago Today

On September 30, 1949, the U.S. and her allies completed their mission to rescue the people of Berlin from starvation and stave off the spread of Communism.

Memories From These 8 Americans Explain Why They Can Never Forget 9/11

‘Now people are forgetting. Every year that goes by, it’s less and less that people remember.
We’ve done a better job remembering Pearl Harbor than 9/11.’

How Reboot Culture Transformed The New ‘Twilight Zone’ Into A Hyper-Woke Bummer

Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ reboot trades the magic of the original for something more glitzy, but ultimately less satisfying.

How Tragedy Testifies To The Supreme, Glorious Value Of Human Life

Our lives are a fragile gift. The grief that death stirs in us underscores what a beautiful thing we really have.

How Overturning Roe v. Wade Might Strengthen Abortion In America

Just as bitterness over the end of slavery sparked horrendous backlash over the coming decades, the end of Roe v. Wade could quickly turn into a Pyrrhic victory.

How The Man Bun Is Destroying Our Civilization

Somehow the man bun has become the petty rebellion of millennial men who refuse to grow up and buy into society.

7 Americans Recall Watching The Stunning Moment A Man First Walked On The Moon

Forty-nine years ago today, the nation watched as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon. This may have been the most American moment in history.

What Ultimately Took Kate Spade And Anthony Bourdain Wasn’t Mental Illness. It Was Something Worse

Let us be intellectually honest about the sorrows of this life. Perhaps then, through a lens of sorrow, we can see the one, eternal hope that renders death not proud.

How A Radiologist’s 45 Years Of Collecting American Manuscripts Fed A Museum Display About The Bible

As someone who has spent decades studying how dissenting opinions have shaped our republic, Ted Steinbock has high hopes for the new Museum of the Bible in Washington DC.

Three Questions We Should Ask On Holocaust Remembrance Day

A holocaust survivor’s perspective on human suffering provokes worthwhile questions about self-determination and human evil.

Why You Should Visit The Museum Of The Bible Even If You’re Not Religious

Whether you think the Bible is an out-of-date relic or the inspired word of God, the museum helps you to engage with the ancient text and its legacy in a revolutionary way.

Are White Nationalists Just Sexually Frustrated Lost Boys?

We amateur psychologists diagnosing frustrated males may be ignoring an inconvenient truth: that we are afflicted with the same disorder. Our symptoms just aren’t as severe.

After Charlottesville, It’s Time To Pursue Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Beloved Community’

We must move beyond gated communities of thought and ‘us vs. them’ dichotomies, and instead pursue peace and reconciliation.

Charlie Gard’s Case Delivers Déjà Vu Of Twentieth-Century Eugenics

The brief but meaningful life of Charlie Gard forces us to confront how we view our society’s weakest members.