Caroline D'Agati
Caroline D'Agati

Caroline D’Agati is a writer, former park ranger, and New Jersey expatriate living in DC. She studied English at Georgetown and media studies at The New School. You can follow her on Twitter at @carodagati.

The End Of The Trump Presidency? Not A Chance

Never Trumpers are rejoicing that fresh on the heels of COVID, the current riots and unrest will spell the end of the Trump administration. Are they right?

Army Controversy Over John Piper’s Book Isn’t About Homophobia — It’s About Jesus

This short book by pastor John Piper ruffles feathers because it affirms the most offensive message in the history of the world: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Woman Behind Roe v. Wade Leaves Confused Legacy In ‘AKA Jane Roe’

Norma McCorvey went from being a lesbian abortion advocate to a born-again Catholic and pro-life spokeswoman. Upon her death, she said it was all a lie — but which part?

4 Reasons Casting Nicolas Cage As Joe Exotic Is Simply Perfect

In a world brought low by pandemic, economic upheaval, and overall weariness, we can celebrate once again. Nicolas Cage is the Tiger King.

Russell Brand And Ricky Gervais Are The Antidote To Your Quarantine Brain Drain

Listening to British comedy legends Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais discuss everything from ‘The Office’ to God and atheism is exactly what your stay-at-home self needs right now.

25 Years Later: How The Oklahoma City Bombing Shaped America

At a time of such pain, it seems cruel to borrow more from the past. But COVID-19 and the tragedy in Oklahoma City raise similar questions that should stir us as a nation.

Will Intersectional Politics Kill ‘The Kids In The Hall’ Sketch Comedy Reboot?

Amazon Prime is reviving the edgy sketch comedy show, but 30 years later, the parody has become reality.

6 Things I’d Rather Do Than Date A Guy Who Wears Dresses

In a recent Guardian article, the author asserts ‘My boyfriend’s wedding dress unveiled my own shortcomings over masculinity.’ It did a lot more than that.

5 Reasons Singles Don’t Need To Be Bitter About Valentine’s Day

Romance can still be beautiful even if we don’t have it — and there are plenty of ways we’re better off without it. Here are five reasons not to be bitter on Valentine’s Day.

4 Ways Donald Trump Owes His Presidency To Rush Limbaugh

Without Rush Limbaugh’s three decades of on-air bombast, bluster, and fearless defense of his audience, there likely would not be a President Trump.

If Bernie Sanders Is a Sexist, So Is Everyone Else

Is civil conversation possible—or even worth having—when words like ‘sexist’ have lost all their meaning? A recent Fifth Column podcast has us asking.

‘1917’ Reminds Us War Is An Addiction We’ll Never Shake

Sam Mendes’ magnificent epic raises a question stripped straight from today’s headlines: Is war a futile waste of life or the apex of the human experience?

I Own A Peloton Bike, And I’m Better Than You

When we’re awake at 4 a.m. on Christmas morning, our Lululemon athleisure wear hugging every crevice of our hard, angular bodies, where will you be? In bed wasting oxygen. That’s where.

No, Rick Perry Wasn’t Reinforcing A Trumpian Cult By Saying God Appoints Our Leaders

Critics say Rick Perry’s belief in President Trump’s divine election is like being in a cult. Christians should see it as a reminder of which King we really serve.

6 Lessons For Men From ‘Homicide Hunter’ Joe Kenda

Retired homicide detective and TV star Lt. Joe Kenda is a portrait of man at his best. Here are six ways men can follow his example by using their God-given strengths to serve others.

Why ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Is Social Justice Filmmaking Done Right

Director Taika Waititi lures us in with what makes us laugh, then shows us his true brilliance by making us cry.

6 Ways The Sexual Revolution Gets Its Hands On American Kids

Technology, the sexual revolution, the breakdown of the family, and human sin have created the perfect storm that is now engulfing America’s kids.

How The Berlin Airlift Beat Back Communism 70 Years Ago Today

On September 30, 1949, the U.S. and her allies completed their mission to rescue the people of Berlin from starvation and stave off the spread of Communism.

Memories From These 8 Americans Explain Why They Can Never Forget 9/11

‘Now people are forgetting. Every year that goes by, it’s less and less that people remember.
We’ve done a better job remembering Pearl Harbor than 9/11.’

How Reboot Culture Transformed The New ‘Twilight Zone’ Into A Hyper-Woke Bummer

Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ reboot trades the magic of the original for something more glitzy, but ultimately less satisfying.