Brad Slager
Brad Slager

Years of writing for various outlets has taught Brad Slager an important lesson: Specializing in unique subjects can be a point of pride, until an editor lets it be known no one else was willing to cover said subjects. Being the case he still has found willing outlets for his work, such as Movieline (covering the film industry and the Bad Movies We Love column) as well as Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, Pocket Full of Liberty, and even For leisure he enjoys well crafted beer and poorly crafted films (intentionally) and bad hockey teams (unintentionally). For more social commentary, and the occasional buzz-tweeting of bad DVDs, you can follow him on Twitter @martinishark.

Box Office Data Prove It Wasn’t Men Who Tanked ‘Birds Of Prey’

The shortcomings of the woke ‘Birds of Prey’ film showed that Hollywood has yet to learn its lesson that audiences want to be entertained, not lectured.

Why Sundance Is Much Less Relevant Than Journalists Want You To Think

The annual event in Park City receives plenty of media attention, but do Sundance movies resonate after January?

‘Toy Story 4’ Is Too ‘White’ For Hollywood Reporter Critic

To launch the new year in appropriately oblivious fashion, The Hollywood Reporter has an article out condemning ‘Toy Story 4’ for a litany of social transgressions.

The 12 Biggest Hollywood Losers In 2019

Now is the time annual compilation lists come out. While most focus on the year’s best, these are the bottom-dwellers in entertainment this year.

John Cena Leans Into Hollywood Trope Of Action Stars Becoming Nannies

This weekend in ‘Playing With Fire,’ John Cena earns his tough-guy credentials by going through the ritual of playing a softie.

The 15 Biggest Box Office Bombs Of Summer 2019

Here’s an entertaining list of the worst offerings to grace theaters this summer.

The Good, Bad, And Ugly Among 2020 Campaign Merchandise

The swollen field of Democratic hopefuls offers few of the items coveted by collectors — unless you envision a time when glass cases are erected to display tote bags from elections past. 

How Disney Is Primed To Homogenize The Motion Picture Marketplace

Disney’s sequel-driven market dominance will only continue, as the company has not only broadened its reach but cemented its formula.

The CNN Ratings Disaster Would Be Worse Without Its Manufactured Audience

Although it draws attention for being an anti-Trump news outlet, the network is working to deflect attention away from its severe audience flight.

So Far, Hollywood’s Boycott Of Georgia Over Its Abortion Ban Is All Bluster

Hollywood attempted to extort the state of Georgia over its heartbeat abortion bill. Now that it passed, their script has changed.

Banning Straw Emojis Will Relieve About As Much Pollution As Banning The Straws Themselves

Activist-peddled environmental hysterics are leading to nonsensical calls for plastic straw emojis to be banned. Prosecute the emoji thought crimes!

Despite Numerous Roadblocks, ‘Unplanned’ Movie Wildly Outperformed Expectations

When the weekend totals came in, ‘Unplanned’ managed to earn more than double the projections, totaling $6.11 million. That means it features in more theaters this weekend.

The Reasons Democrats Gave For Banning Fox From Debates Also Bar MSNBC And CNN

Based on the reasons given for blocking Fox News, the Democrats have even more cause to remove the News Net from its debate schedule.

Liam Neeson Loves Heroes With Guns In Movies But Not In Real Life

Liam Neeson has built a career on wielding guns in Hollywood-created action movies, but he still demonizes gun owners and manufacturers.

The Petty Feud Over ‘Roma’ Shows Hollywood Is Still Grappling With Streaming Services

While the Academy is happy to crow about diversity, another kind of intolerance remains at play regarding films like ‘Roma.’

How Johnnie Walker Damaged Its Brand By Affiliating With The Women’s March

After a heavy investment of money and time, the company has wrapped the Johnnie Walker brand around a movement that many regard as anti-Semitic.

Box Office Surprise Hit ‘The Upside’ Isn’t The Only Film Weinstein’s Fall Set Back

After a scandal breaks, how should a movie company deal with all the films that are in production and slated for release?

Hollywood’s Hypocritical Politics Still Showed Up At The Golden Globes

No matter how intent Golden Globe producers were at eliding politics, celebrities were not going to let their time elapse without grandstanding.

25 Worst Movies Of 2018 That Hollywood Hopes We’ll Forget

There was plenty of garbage released into theaters in 2018, so recognizing those misfires is always a lark.

Disney Is Going Back To ‘Rogue One’ With Streaming Service

‘Rogue One’ star Diego Luna will reprise his role as Rebel super spy Cassian Andor in a spy thriller for Disney’s new streaming service.