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How Critical Race Theory Has Poisoned Music Theory

Identity politics has come for music theory, teaching that there is a fixed amount of intellectual space in the music theory world, and that space has too many white men in it.

Forcing Education Online Is Pushing Teachers Like My Mom Past Their Breaking Point

For the first time, I heard my mom say she no longer wants to be a teacher. This past weekend, only a week into teaching, she told me that if she could, she would quit right then.

Lockdowns Are Supposed To Help The Vulnerable, But They’re Hurting My Autisic Son

Online education just doesn’t work for children with special needs. If we truly care about the marginalized in society, we have to open schools immediately.

What American Moguls Can Learn From Hong Kong Hero Jimmy Lai

How many billionaires are willing to risk their lives and fortune to fight for freedom and democracy? In Hong Kong, there is at least one.

Lebron James, Say Her Name. It’s Agnes Chow

The NBA routinely fails to stand up for freedom, so don’t expect LeBron James to tweet about Agnes Chow’s arrest or push for ‘StandwithHK’ on NBA jerseys.

Mayor: Health Officials Justify Mask Mandates For Political Reasons, Not Science

As the meeting ended, I realized that for the entirety of the call I’d not heard one shred of medical or epidemiological evidence to justify a need for citizens to wear masks.

Shutdowns Devastated This Boy Who Might Not Be Back To School This Fall

Due to school shutdowns, his teacher was legally banned from doing anything to help a little boy who had entered his school hiding in closets and shaking in the halls.

Basketball Coaches Accuse SAT Of Racism So They Can Recruit Dumb Jocks

The NACB thinks throwing out standardized tests will help non-white student-athletes, but they can’t exactly explain why.

Freedom-Loving Hong Kongers, ‘Be Water’ Now Means Fleeing For Your Lives

Creative and motivated Hong Kongers can flourish anywhere. But now it’s time for them to save and grow their strength in order to fight another day.

Thanks To My Child’s Insane School District For Making Me Agree With Trump

‘We find ourselves agreeing with Donald Trump for the first time in four years about reopening schools, [and] somehow you guys found a way to make it all happen.’

Military Members Are Losing Their Religious Freedom While Trying To Protect Yours

As the government lays out ever-changing guidelines for safeguarding the same military who sacrifice their lives all over the world, they risk killing freedom on the home front by restricting religious practice.

Here Are 24 Alternate Names For U.S. Army Forts And Military Bases

Perhaps it is worth considering the possibilities of offering recruits more truth in advertising via modern names.

In Memoriam, For A Memorial—A Tribute To ‘Appomattox’

‘Appomattox’ survived electrification, segregation, and desegregation. In the end, it succumbed to unnatural causes in the name of sanctimony and vandalism.

Catholic Bishops Have Betrayed Parishioners By Suspending The Sacraments

The bishops have allowed themselves to be led astray and cowed, even reprimanding priests on behalf of the civil authorities for quietly serving their parishes. The faithful take notice. And this must end.

I Can’t Get My Hip Surgery Because Of Coronavirus Even Though Nobody Is In Our Hospital

Focusing only on coronavirus deaths and illnesses doesn’t tell the full story of what is happening in America. Other patients, waiting with no end in sight, deserve not to be forgotten.

Why Severe Social Distancing Might Actually Result In More Coronavirus Deaths

What the media and policymakers are not telling us is that the longer we delay the development of herd immunity, the more elderly or high-risk people will become infected and die.

What It’s Like To Be Married To A Porn Addict

Men often feel defensive when confronted with their porn addiction, but it’s not just their problem: It becomes a burden for their entire family — especially their hurting wives or girlfriends.

Why You Have No Right To Marriage, Health Care, Or An Education

The rhetoric of rights is appealing. Label whatever you want a ‘right’ and you tip the scales in your favor. However appealing the tactic may be, however, is conceptually incorrect and politically dangerous.

How The Left Is Weaponizing Cancel Culture To Politicize Children’s Books

If we want our next generation to be well educated in history, science, English, and math, we need more diversity of thought in the classroom and in children’s publishing.

7 Things I’ve Learned Since My Child Identified As Transgender

After my 13-year-old started living as transgender, our public school transformed into our enemy. It treats parents as unenlightened, backwards, and possibly dangerous.