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Naval War College Hosts Trans-Identifying Colonel To Discuss LGBT ‘Experiences’

Bree Fram giving a speech.
Image CreditTerri Burns/YouTube

Much of Col. Bree Fram’s lecture focused on claims included in his book, ‘Forging Queer Leaders: How the LGBTQIA+ Community Creates Impact from Adversity.’


The U.S. Naval War College hosted a lecture last week featuring a trans-identifying Space Force colonel to discuss LGBT “experiences.”

Titled, “Learning from the developmental journeys of LGBTQ+,” the June 17 event was co-headlined by Col. Bree Fram, a male astronautical engineer with the U.S. Space Force who proclaims to be a woman and uses “she/her” pronouns. According to his website, Fram — who acquired a master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College in 2021 — is “currently stationed at the Pentagon to lead space acquisition policy development for the Department of the Air Force” and leads the branch’s “LGBTQ+ Initiatives Team.”

As noted by Federalist Executive Editor Joy Pullmann in her book, False Flag: Why Queer Politics Mean the End of America, Fram has been promoted since coming out in 2016 and most of his military service took place when trans-identifying troops were supposed to be discharged from the armed forces.

“It’s fascinating to look at what LGBTQ folks have been subject to over their lives, and really, over the centuries, and how their experiences led them … to truly have those transformative moments that matter,” Fram said.

Much of the June 17 lecture focused on claims included in Fram’s new book, Forging Queer Leaders: How the LGBTQIA+ Community Creates Impact from Adversity, which, according to a book summary, “explores the unique and inspiring developmental experiences of LGBTQ+ leaders, the amazing capabilities they bring to teams, and what that means for everyone pursuing positive and inclusive organizational strategy.” Co-author and Naval War College Professor Elizabeth Cavallaro also partook in the lecture.

During his speech, Fram subtly dismissed the notion that the rising percentage of Americans identifying as LGBT is the result of social conditioning by left-wing activists, and instead claimed these high rates are “not a new phenomenon.”

“A lot of people say right now, ‘Where are all these people coming from? How all of a sudden do we have this explosion of LGBTQ people, and in many cases, LGBTQ leaders?’ Well, it’s not because they’re new,” Fram claimed. “We can go all the way back to the Greek and Roman Empires in the Western world and look at LGBTQ people flourishing and being very visible within society.”

The Space Force colonel went on to contend the Roman Empire’s adoption of Christianity and a “confluence of factors” led to “LGBTQ folks being pushed aside.”

Fram also seemingly attempted to normalize gender dysphoria by claiming that non-LGBT identifying individuals can relate to “transitioning” because everybody experiences change and goes through “transitory periods” at some point in their lives.

“Everybody transitions. As we look at our experiences in life of moving from one thing to another, we all go through similar things,” Fram said. “Everyone goes through these transitionary periods, and they may be really challenging … What we have to do by understanding everyone going through these transition moments is help them get through them.”

The woman-pretender further proclaimed it’s “incredibly important” for the military to support “inclusion” because “inclusion is not only a way to get the most out of person, [but] it is also a retention tool.”

“If someone does not receive that inclusion and say, ‘I belong,’ they’re gone. But when they do, it’s amazing,” Fram asserted.

The term “inclusion” is often synonymous with “diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI),” an offshoot of Marxist ideology that dismisses merit and discriminates based on characteristics such as skin color and sexual orientation.

Last week’s pro-LGBT speech wasn’t the first Fram has given at U.S. military institutions. Earlier this year, the Space Force colonel spoke at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he reportedly engaged in left-wing activism while in uniform.

According to Breitbart News, Fram “waded into [a] partisan speech about the 2024 presidential election” during his lecture. In an apparent reference to former President Trump’s repeal of an Obama-era policy allowing trans-identifying individuals to serve in the military, Fram said, “While I don’t have a crystal ball, I can look out and say, ‘Well, either next year things will be great or I will be fighting for my ability to continue serving.’”

Pentagon policy specifies that “active duty personnel may not engage in partisan political activities and all military personnel should avoid the inference that their political activities imply or appear to imply” the Defense Department’s “endorsement of a political candidate, campaign, or cause.” An Air Force spokesman defended Fram’s speech when pressed on the matter by The Daily Wire.

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