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Elon Musk: Entire Goal Of Bogus Biden Border Bill Is To Give Illegal Aliens Voting Rights


On Monday, X owner Elon Musk called out Congress’ “negotiated” border bill for what it really is: the first step in a long-term bid to grant illegal aliens the right to vote in U.S. elections.

Following weeks of behind-the-scenes scheming, congressional leadership released the text of the long-hidden $118 billion bill on Sunday evening that effectively enshrines President Biden’s open border policies into law and does more to secure other nations’ borders than America’s. Among the most outrageous provisions is a section guaranteeing illegal entry into the United States.

Under the proposed legislation, the secretary of Homeland Security may authorize a “border emergency” to “summarily remove” foreign nationals. However, that provision can only take effect if “there is an average of 4,000 or more aliens who are encountered each day” for 7 consecutive days, meaning that if such trends persist throughout the year, more than 1.4 million illegals, at a minimum, would be granted access to the United States. In December, the U.S. set a new record for the most single-day encounters at its southern border, with border patrol officials encountering more than 12,000 illegal aliens.

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In addition to limiting how long this “emergency” declaration is permitted to last, the bill also gives the president the ability to temporarily suspend the emergency for “not more than 45 days” if he deems that it is in the “national interest” to do so. Also included are provisions granting the far-left D.C. District Court “sole” discretion over immigration-related cases, handing out work permits to illegals, making available $10 billion in “aid” for Hamas-controlled Gaza, and gifting $60 billion to Ukraine.

In response to the bill’s release, Musk tweeted early Monday morning that, despite insistence from Democrats and establishment Republicans, the measure will do more to increase illegal immigration than fix the ongoing crisis.

“The long-term goal of the so-called ‘Border Security’ bill is enabling illegals to vote!” Musk wrote. “It will do the total opposite of securing the border.”

While legacy media have often dismissed the notion that Biden’s intentional facilitation of America’s border crisis is designed to alter the voting demographics of the country as nothing more than a “racist conspiracy theory,” Democrats have openly bragged about using such a strategy to create an electorate they believe is more favorable to their party. During a July 2021 Senate floor speech, for example, Illinois’ Dick Durban, a Democrat, claimed, “The demographics of America are not on the side of the Republican Party,” and that the country’s “new voters” — a.k.a. foreign-born individuals who acquired U.S. citizenship — are “moving away from them.”

The senator’s remarks were included in a May 2022 montage released by then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, documenting high-profile Democrats espousing similar statements.

While statements like Musk’s are likely to receive leftists’ phony “You’re a racist!” smears, Democrats have never explained — or been asked by the media to rationalize — why they support allowing millions of unidentified illegal aliens into the country. In fact, some Democrats — such as Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy — are openly celebrating the invasion. On Sunday, the senator admitted in an X thread detailing Congress’s immigration proposal that the measure is designed to ensure “The border never closes.”

Relatedly, Democrat localities throughout the country have granted foreign nationals the ability to vote in municipal elections. Among these jurisdictions are Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and New York City.

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