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Elise Stefanik Is Right. Congress Has No Business Certifying A Rigged Election.

Elise Stefanik
Image CreditNBC News / YouTube

The Democrat Party is a risk to democracy.


Democrats have spent years lecturing Americans about the risks former President Donald Trump’s return would pose to “democracy.” Now, the Democrat Party is out to destroy democracy in the name of saving it by attempting to prevent Republicans from appearing on ballots across the country.

On Tuesday, the Democrats’ ad hoc spokeswoman on NBC, Kristen Welker, pressed House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik of New York over whether she would vote to certify the upcoming election. Stefanik refused to offer a blind commitment.

“We will see if this is a legal and valid election,” she said.

The comment came after the New York lawmaker defended her objections to electoral certification in 2020.

“I stood up for election integrity, and I challenged and objected to the certification of the state of Pennsylvania because of the unconstitutional overreach,” Stefanik said. “I absolutely stand by my floor speech. I am proud to support President Trump.”

Astonished that the Republican leader in the lower chamber would refuse to give Democrats a blanket pledge to certify a rigged election, the interview generated hysterical headlines across the corporate press.

“GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik won’t commit to certifying the 2024 election results,” headlined NBC.

“Stefanik pre-emptively declines to commit to accepting 2024 election results,” Politico reported.

“Elise Stefanik Refuses to Commit to Certifying 2024 Election Results in Stunning Exchange With NBC’s Kristen Welker,” said Mediaite.

But would Democrats be held to the same standard? Don’t count on it. Republicans will now be pressed on whether they will certify elections for decades. The same questions, meanwhile, have remained virtually non-existent for Democrats after objecting to election results in 2001, 2005, and 2017. In fact, Democrats haven’t lost an election that they haven’t protested certification of since 1988. Democrats even objected to more states in 2017 than Republicans did in 2021. And yet Stefanik is controversial for refusing to certify an election if it isn’t properly conducted. With a nationwide effort underway to block their top political opponent from even appearing on the ballot, Democrats will ensure the November election is anything but proper.

Last week, Stefanik’s predecessor in House leadership, ousted Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, gave a hyperbolic speech in New Hampshire wherein the former Republican conference chair warned electing Trump again “may well be the last real vote you ever get to cast.”

“It will be that bad,” Cheney said.

Americans, however, may not even be able to vote for Trump in the first place if other states follow Colorado and Maine to boot Trump off the ballot. The Supreme Court will now decide whether states can keep Trump’s name absent from the voting booth. Considering how the 2020 contest was rigged by manipulation of pandemic voting rules and Silicon Valley electioneering, voting for the former Republican president in 2016 may have been the last time Americans cast a vote in a genuinely free and fair presidential election. Democrats are following a similar playbook this fall with a federal crackdown on regime dissidents.

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In December, Allysia Finley, a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board, explained the far-left’s fascination with declaring Trump an authoritarian whose candidacy threatens democracy.

“Cynicism is one way to explain the left’s hysteria,” she wrote. “Another is that the portrayal of Mr. Trump as a would-be dictator is a textbook case of psychological projection, the process by which people avoid confronting their own unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors by subconsciously ascribing them to others. Psychologists refer to this as a defense mechanism.”

In her book out last month, Cheney, who led the Democrats’ Soviet-style inquisition into the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot two years ago, cast Trump as wannabee dictator prepared to singlehandedly overthrow the republic.

“As a nation, we can endure damaging policies for a four-year term,” Cheney wrote. “But we cannot survive a president willing to terminate our Constitution.”

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Democrats, of course, know their latest effort to rig the 2024 contest with a ban on their chief political opponent from holding office is blatantly unconstitutional. In her interview with ABC News Sunday, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about eliminating the Republican frontrunner as a legitimate candidate. Elections, Pelosi said, “are up to the states.”

“They have different laws from state to state. I don’t think he should ever have been president,” Pelosi said.

Even ABC’s “This Week” moderator, George Stephanopoulos, immediately corrected her.

“It’s the Constitution,” Stephanopoulos said.

The theory that Democrats are using to expel Trump, that the former president is an insurrectionist and therefore barred from public office, is a far-fetched legal theory George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley says “is the type of theory that can destroy a democracy.”

“The terrible thing is that this is the most successful and stable democracy in the history of the world,” Turley told Fox News. “And yet, after this long successful run, you have blind advocates today trying to introduce an instability in that system that could destroy it.”

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