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Meet The Phony ‘Christian’ Group Trying To Take Down The New House Speaker

The group Faithful America was created by far-left activists to serve God-haters in the Democratic Party, with funding from George Soros. Here’s the inside scoop.


One of the activist left’s oldest projects is also its most devious: infiltrate, then undermine, the Christian church. Why? Because only Bible-believing evangelicals and Catholics stand between them and the total conquest of America.

It’s no wonder, then, that atheist mega-donors like George Soros have poured tens of millions of dollars into the effort over the past two decades. That political machine’s latest target is our new House speaker, Mike Johnson, R–La., a devout Baptist who unashamedly turns to the Bible for “my worldview — that’s what I believe.”

That’s enough to qualify Johnson as America’s “most dangerous Christian nationalist” and a “dangerous extremist,” according to the phony Christian group Faithful America, a key cog in the leftist attack machine.

Faithful America pretends to promote “Jesus’ message of good news” — what that means, the group won’t say — supposedly “hijacked by the religious right to serve a hateful political agenda,” “white supremacy,” and, horror of horrors, Christian nationalism.

Don’t be fooled. Faithful America was created by far-left activists to serve God-haters in the Democrat Party, courtesy of funding from Soros. Here’s the inside scoop.

Wolves Among Sheep

Faithful America was spawned in 2004 as a project of the Citizen Engagement Lab (CEL), which specializes in incubating new lobbying groups with funding from the Ford Foundation and Warren Buffett’s pro-abortion foundation. We’ve traced five- and six-figure grants to Faithful America from Soros’ Open Society Foundations and the Arcus Foundation, a transgender mega-donor.

Faithful America’s role in the activist army is swamping corporations and conservative groups with demands from outraged “Christians” that invariably toe the Democrat line. In 2012, the group savaged Hobby Lobby, an evangelical family-owned business, for challenging the Obamacare requirement to provide employees with contraception.

Nor are traditional Catholics safe from Faithful America’s attempts to silence them for adhering to historic church teachings on abortion and marriage. In 2020, it launched a campaign to block the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, a pro-life Catholic, to the Supreme Court on those exact grounds.

Faithful America was also behind the scheme to “cancel” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a Southern Baptist minister, from appearing on MSNBC because of his “long history of extreme, hateful rhetoric against gays and lesbians.”

Do these self-professed Christians really believe the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and marriage is too dangerous to be voiced on national television?

To pull off that smear, Faithful America cited lies from the hate-spewing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which labels anyone who holds traditional Christian views as a “bigot.” Now Faithful America brags about being cited by the SPLC as “one of three top resources for countering white Christian nationalism” in 2022.

That’s the same SPLC whose writers cast blame on Israel for Hamas’ vicious Oct. 7 terrorist attack that killed at least 1,300 unarmed Jewish women, children, and civilians. Will Faithful America condemn those antisemites? Don’t hold your breath.

Christ Is Lord

Those same guns are now turned on Mike Johnson in a new campaign labeling the speaker one of the “false prophets that Jesus warned us about.” Genuine Christians will see this for what it is: dirty politics in “biblical” dress.

Faithful America and its ilk are right about one thing: Speaker Johnson’s faith does threaten their entire project to transform our republic into a totalitarian nightmare, cynically dubbed “democracy” by professional liars.

True biblical faithfulness has toppled empires, upended idols, and transformed entire nations. Christians cannot help but influence the culture around them simply by practicing our Lord’s commandments to love our neighbors and obey God. We are salt and light in a world smitten with death.

So “progressive” secular materialists have good reason to fear Christians who live consistently with their beliefs and refuse to buckle under pressure, because they’re powerless to stop the reigning Christ. One by one, Jesus has put all his enemies under his feet — and they know they’re next.

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