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Sabrina Carpenter’s Feminist Music Video Celebrates The Gruesome Killing Of Men 


It’s not often in popular culture that mainstream feminism bares its fangs and owns up to its true nature without hiding behind the “all we want is equality” mantra. But that’s exactly what happened last week, when ex-Disney star turned mediocre pop singer Sabrina Carpenter posted the music video for her new single “Feather,” where she desecrates a Catholic church and glorifies the killing of men. Thus far, the video has garnered over 6 million views.

Feather creates a fantasy world that finds Carpenter enabling and enjoying the deaths of the men who hit on her. In the first scene, a group of men, distracted from catcalling Carpenter, are struck by a truck, to which Carpenter responds with a simple shrug.

In another part of the video, Carpenter catches a man taking a photo up her skirt in an elevator. To get back at him, she pretends to seduce him and then traps his tie in the elevator door, decapitating the man. The viewer watches Carpenter smile and wave as blood streams from the top of the elevator.

In response to the deaths, Carpenter cheerily sings, “I feel so much lighter like a feather with you out my life.”

The message from the music video is clear: men’s “toxic” masculinity turns them into serial sex harassers, and in this female fantasy, a satisfied Carpenter gets to watch them all die gruesome deaths.

Sex abuse is not the hallmark of masculinity; it is the antithesis of it. Real men have control of their sexual desires and use their masculine strengths to protect women. The weak, immoral men in Carpenter’s video certainly exist, but they do not represent all men, as the video suggests. Ironically, men become dangerous in the type of secular societies promoted by feminism that Carpenter’s video endorses, where moral codes are thrown out the window, and distinctions between the sexes are blurred.

Weaponizing Sex

Perhaps the most disturbing but telling scene is when Carpenter “works out” in an all-male gym. Throughout the entire video, Carpenter is scantily dressed, but her gym outfit is particularly revealing, as she’s wearing a cutout bodysuit and heels.

The outfit would be more appropriate for pole dancing than working out. Indeed, Carpenter doesn’t work out; she simply prances around and stares at herself in the mirror while the men gawk at her and try to get her attention. Eventually, to Carpenter’s mild surprise, the men turn animalistic and begin to kill one another over Carpenter, splattering blood everywhere.

The scene is actually somewhat reminiscent of everyday gym culture (without the gore). The internet is replete with videos of women dressed in highly-revealing workout clothes, who then record and put random male strangers on blast for staring at them.

From a moral standpoint, men should try to avert their eyes, but barely-dressed women will never be fully free of the male gaze. Feminists have dangerously contended that clothing is just clothing and should not signal anything to men.

As renowned feminist Camille Paglia explained, however, “It is well-established that the visual faculties play a bigger role in male sexuality,” and it is foolish for women to “assume that bared flesh and sexy clothes are just a fashion statement containing no messages that might be misread and twisted by a psychotic.”

Leftist Sacrilege Creates Weak Men and Women

Toward the end of the video, Carpenter dances on the altar of a real Brooklyn, New York, Catholic church while wearing a short black dress with her butt cheeks showing. Placed on the altar are pastel coffins for the men killed throughout her video. (After seeing the video, the local bishop condemned it, blessed the church, and put the rector who approved the church’s participation on leave.)

There is something striking about Carpenter desecrating a church to celebrate her feminist utopia filled with male corpses. In some cases, Carpenter’s scant outfits, which feminists tell her are harmless and her right to wear, lead to disaster. Real sexual harassment and rape do occur, but, as I said before, it is not a consequence of “toxic masculinity” but immorality.

It is leftists like Carpenter who reject the Christian values and principles that originally condemned sexual abuse and taught men to harness their inclinations toward competitiveness and aggression for the protection of their communities and families.

It is also the left that rejects the sexual propriety and modesty Christianity instills in women. Christianity gives both sexes a moral framework to live by. Without it, people become lost, and sin flourishes.

Feminism Is Cancer

Carpenter’s feminist “utopia” is disturbing. She stokes division and hatred between the sexes. She degrades and objectifies herself and then acts shocked and vengeful when others do not respect her for it. She flips feminine instinct on its head, showcasing a disordered desire for women to watch their male counterparts die gory deaths for the crime of poorly expressed sexual desire. Of course, the reason many modern men fail to express themselves properly is largely thanks to secular culture, which rejects the West’s long-held moral code.

Carpenter’s desecration of a church is powerfully symbolic of her rejection and disrespect toward Christianity, which is the solution to all the social ills showcased in the video. Men and women are not diametrically opposed. We are meant to be partners who build families and societies together via our unique, complementary gifts. The “Feather” music video presents an alternative to Christ’s design for men and women — hatred, turmoil, confusion, irreverence, and a separation from the divine.

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