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FBI, DOJ Refuse To Call Covenant School Shooting An Anti-White Hate Crime Even After Racist Manifesto Is Leaked

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The Department of Justice and FBI pride themselves on being the top federal agencies to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of hate crimes. Their zeal for tracking down racists and targeting Americans based on fabricated white supremacy allegations apparently stops, however, when it comes to classifying the type of anti-white crimes that occurred at Covenant School earlier this year.

On March 27, 2023, Audrey Hale, a woman masquerading as a man, shot and killed three children and three staff at a Christian grade school before local police took her out.

Even though the ambush bore several telltale signs of a hate crime, the identity-obsessed ruling class passed on consoling the Christians mourning the slaughter to stand in solidarity with trans-identifying Americans like Hale.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters shortly after the massacre that it was a “targeted attack.” However, MNPD, along with the Tennesse Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, repeatedly refused to release the manifesto detailing Hale’s motives.

It was only this week, more than nearly eight months after the shooting, that conservative media personality Steven Crowder leaked three of the manifesto pages. The publicization of the bombshell writings put seven MNPD officers on administrative leave but exposed the reasons Hale decided to shoot up her former school.

In her “DEATH DAY” notebook, Hale claimed she planned to murder Covenant schoolchildren because she hated their white skin, light features, and “privilege.”

“[G]oing to fancy private schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertibles. F-ck you little sh-ts,” Hale wrote weeks before the attack. “I wish to shoot you weak-ss d-cks w/ your mop yellow hair wanna kill all you little cr-ckers!!! Bunch of little f-ggots w/ your white privileges.”

When The Federalist asked the nation’s top federal law enforcement agencies, which had access to the notebook ever since March 27, if either had plans to classify the shooting as an anti-white hate crime or political violence spurred on by the proliferation of left-wing racism in schools and government, the DOJ ignored the request and the FBI claimed it did not have a comment.

The DOJ and FBI’s silence on the issue sharply contrasts how both department and agency have treated other race-based shootings.

When a gunman in Buffalo, New York, opened fire in a grocery store, killing 10 in 2022, the DOJ used the shooter’s racist social media posts as justification to deem the act “a hate crime and an act of racially-motivated violent extremism” worthy of several federal hate crime charges. The Justice Department extended the same treatment to Dylann Roof and the Texas mass shooter who killed 23 people at an El Paso Wal-Mart.

Yet when it comes to investigating the Nashville shooting, which was rooted in the shooter’s disdain for people based on their skin color, as a hate crime against white Christians, the DOJ and FBI refuse.

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