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House Republicans Unveil Additional Subpoenas To Biden Business Partners

James Comer
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House Republicans on the Oversight Committee issued additional subpoenas to associates of the Biden family on Thursday.


House Republicans on the Oversight Committee issued additional subpoenas to associates of the Biden family as part of lawmakers’ ongoing impeachment inquiry.

On Thursday, the committee unveiled requests for testimony from eight more figures involved in the family’s business dealings. The committee formally subpoenaed Eric Schwerin, Mervyn Yan, George Bergès, and Elizabeth Naftali and requested voluntary interviews with Carol Fox, Joey Langston, John Hynansky, and Jason Galanis.

“The House Oversight Committee is leaving no stone unturned as we investigate President Joe Biden’s central role in his family’s domestic and international business dealings,” said House Oversight Chairman James Comer of Kentucky. “Americans across this country have made it clear to President Joe Biden, the Biden family, and their associates that the gig is up.”

The latest round of requests for transcribed interviews follows committee subpoenas Wednesday to several members of the Biden family, including President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and the president’s brother, James. House lawmakers also asked President Biden’s widowed daughter-in-law, Hallie, and James Biden’s wife, Sara, to testify.

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Thursday’s requests include demands to those involved in marketing Hunter Biden’s artwork to sit for questioning. Bergès was Hunter Biden’s art gallerist, and Naftali was one of Hunter Biden’s buyers. Naftali is a Los Angeles-based real estate investor and is “influential in California Democratic circles and is a significant Democratic donor.”

Financial records reviewed by the House Oversight Committee show the Biden family laundered money through more than 20 shell companies. Most of the companies were established when Joe Biden was vice president. Despite repeated denials of ever even speaking about business with his son in the run-up to the 2020 election, President Biden reportedly met with family clients countless times.

House Republicans held their first impeachment hearing at the end of September, just before the lower chamber came to a weeks-long standstill to elect a new speaker.

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