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Breaking News Alert More Than Two Dozen AGs Sue Biden Administration Over EV Mandate

Investigators Subpoena Bank Records Of Hunter, James Biden After Uncovering $20 Million In Foreign Payments

James Comer, Jason Smith, and Jim Jordan in impeachment hearing
Image CreditFox News/YouTube

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer followed through on his pledge to “continue to follow the money” on Thursday when he issued three subpoenas for the bank records of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and brother, James “Jim” Biden.

The latest round of subpoenas is part of House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into the president and, according to Comer, will “help the Committees determine whether Joe Biden abused his office by selling access and/or by receiving payments or other benefits in exchange for official acts.”

The records should shed more light on the Biden family’s practice of selling access to Joe, their family’s “only asset,” in an attempt to line their own pockets.

The records could also aid Congress in its “investigation of a systemic failure to protect against potential malign foreign interactions with family members of senior elected officials.”

“Specifically, the Committees are concerned that foreign nationals and foreign companies appear to have sought access and influence by engaging in lucrative business relationships with high-profile political figures’ immediate family members,” Comer wrote in a letter accompanying the subpoenas.

Previous financial record subpoenas issued by the GOP yielded evidence that Hunter and his associates made bank from shopping out access to then-Vice President Joe to foreigners including a high-profile businessman in Romania, a Chinese Communist Party-linked energy company and other Chinese nationals, Ukrainian businessmen, and a Russian oligarch. While Hunter was wheeling and dealing, Joe made a point to rub elbows or speak on the phone with his son’s foreign clients, countless times.

A Biden family influence-peddling timeline released by the House Oversight Committee details exactly how and when “the Bidens and their associates have received over $20 million in payments from foreign entities.” Records, communications, and other documents belonging to the Biden family suggest they regularly and repeatedly traded their patriarch’s political standing to enrich themselves and then tried to cover up the profiteering with a myriad of complicated transactions and accounts.

“This review uncovered a pattern of financial complexity,” Comer warned.

At least nine Biden family members including Hunter, Jim, Jim’s wife, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend who is also his brother Beau Biden’s widow, Hunter’s ex-wife, Hunter’s current wife, and at least one grandchild and a couple of nieces and/or nephews profited from the funneling of funds.

The House Oversight Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, and the House Judiciary Committee, Comer noted, “are also concerned about the national security implications of a President’s or Vice President’s immediate family members receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals or companies without any oversight.”

Bank records, Comer said, are “critical to both the impeachment inquiry and to further the Committees’ purposes,” but they aren’t the only evidence Republicans have that the first family has been involved in a pay-to-play scheme.

Key players such as former Biden family business partners Devon Archer and Tony Bobulinski, FBI whistleblowers, IRS whistleblowers, Hunter, and even Joe himself have all corroborated Biden family corruption.

“From day one of our investigation of Joe Biden’s abuse of public office, we’ve followed the money and that continues with today’s subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden’s bank records,” Comer said in a statement. “Bank records don’t lie, and coupled with witness testimony, they reveal that Joe Biden abused his public office for his family’s financial gain.”

This article has been updated since publication.

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